Wednesday, March 9, 2011

50 Day Challenge

50 Day Challenge
A Picture of Something You Want to Do Before You Die.

Move to Kenya

On one of my last nights in Kenya I cooked dinner for my family using the recipes that they taught me...ugali and bananas and rice.
My host Mom was so proud that she took my picture.
I want so very much to move there forever.
It was the happiest time of my life.
(My mom will laugh at this because I cried every time I talked to her).
This may sound morbid, but I fully intend to move their once my parents are gone.
Hence, why I took a job in Infectious Disease.
But for now...
I just can't live that far from them.

Life there moves at a very different pace.
There are no power lines.
There are almost no cars.
You can actually see stars.
People take care of each other and know their neighbors.
Life is simple.
Life is secluded.
Life is safe.

Visit Spain

Ever since reading The Sun Also Rises I've wanted to visit Spain.
Sam bought me a guide book and a "coupon" for a trip there someday.
I never got to cash that in but I've read The Sun Also Rises 3495958 times.
and read the entire guide book.
I will bum around Spain someday.
I will.

Marry D.
As corny as it sounds.
I want more than anything to marry that man.
I want to walk up to him in front of my family and in the Church and say...
Yes, I will stand by you forever.
I'm not giving away the vows I'm working on (I'd spoil the moment for ya'll)!
The wedding is a lot of work but honestly, I'm most looking forward to that moment between the two of us.
Having my whole family there will mean everything to me.
Looking into D's eyes and saying " I do" will mean even more.

Own my own catering/cooking business

I know most small businesses fail but I'd like to try.
I love to cook and I love to clean.
I love to host parties and wear an apron.
I can't think of a better occupation than to cater.


Harris Family said...

Ooooh, me too! Well, besides marrying D... I leave that up to you!

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