Wednesday, March 9, 2011

50 Day Challenge

50 Day Challenge
A Picture of Something that has had a Huge Impact on Your Life Recently.

Toy Story 3.
We talk about Buzz/Woody/Jessie/Tatoos/DINOSAUER!/etc etc CONSTANTLY!
In fact we talk about it so much that I can't bring myself to blog about it.
Other than to say that I cry every. stinking. time.

See that teddy bear there?
That's Jorge the space bear.
Who, when he visits Gaga and Papa in Indiana, is George.
But he is from space (Uncle Kohl's).
On Feb. 17th 2011 Jorge went missing.
It was tragic.
We're fairly certain he returned to space to visit family and water his garden.
Apparently, (according to ebay) Jorge's are very hard to come by.
Enter a super hero (D/fiance/daddy/resident man of amazing talents).
He did some super duper detective work and found Jorge.
He had a lovely visit with his parents and we are very happy that his garden is doing so well but mostly we are just happy to have him back in residence at 3 Forks Ranch.

Also, that baby in that picture is really stinking cute.

I left this for last.
I know that I make fun a lot about stress this. stress that.
job this.job that.
but yesterday something happened to me that I've never experienced.
nor do I want to ever experience it again.

I don't know for sure buut I'm fairly certain I had a massive panic attack at work.
If you so much as looked at me I burst into tears.
I cried when someone else got flowers.
I cried to each and every one of my co-workers.
Then I curled into a ball and freaked out on my poor Mom.
Who promptly announced she was booking a flight to Austin.
love her.
I don't know how to describe to anyone what happened but I was NOT okay and I was NOT Kate (or Kathryn). I was scared and had this huge sick feeling in my gut and cried A LOT.

I probably should've gone to the hospital.
Even my memory is fuzzy and I shook so hard that I could barely write.
As I was attempting to hold it together, one specific coworker...
I hope she doesn't mind being named.
came up to my car (where I was crying and charging my phone...clearly I have priorities).
She talked to me.
I could see the concern in her face and I thought how lucky I am to work at a job where people really do care.
We've never hung out together outside of work but I could honestly see the general care for me.
That meant a great deal.

So thank you to my mother, who held that cell all day, waiting for another sobbing phone call and thank you Monique for just talking and listening.

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Harris Family said...

Panic attacks are horrible and it feels like your world is ending or your dying. I'm so sorry you had to go through that.