Sunday, March 13, 2011

50 Day Challenge

50 Day Challenge
A Picture of Somewhere you Want to Travel

There are about 7 zillion places that I want to travel to.
So I picked a few that are currently my most desired destinations.
No, I did not include my bed or a hot tub. Although... those do sound lovely.

This is my Grammie's house.
I want to travel there.
If I were at a different place in my life I'd have already bought it.
Well, that and she lives NORTH of Chicago.
Kate doesn't do cold weather.
no, no she doesn't.
Not at all.
80 is too chilly for me.
ok, ok, 85 is too chilly for me.

Jacob Have I Loved.
It's a book I read as a young girl (and a movie Bridget Fonda was in).
I LOVED the book and the movie.
I fell in love with the Chesapeake Bay and have always wanted to visit.
My Aunt and Uncle live near Boston so one of these days we're going to visit them and then head over to make a dream come true.
I'm just waiting for a time when I won't be traveling with a 2yo.
That and to win the lottery.

St. Petersburg, Russia.
I have always wanted to visit.
Notice I said visit.
It's too cold for Miss Kate.
But I do love Russia love the history of the country.
I may also want to wear a fur coat, big sunglasses and carry a cigarette in a cigarette holder.
While I sip vodka and talk in a terrible Russian accent.
I clearly watch too many old movies.

California wine country.
Ya'll know how I love wine.
Thanks to my parents interest I have been exposed to the best of the best.
In May for my parents 25th Wedding Anniversary they took a trip to wine country in Cali.
I am so Jeeeealous.
Someday I will make Miss Alison Day give me a tour!

I am literally counting down the days until it is Lakeside time.
Aunt Cathy.

Cool Breezes.
Impossible Puzzles.
Long Walks.
Warm Sun.
Many Adventures.

It's such a simple vacation but it is my favorite place.

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