Wednesday, March 16, 2011

50 Day Challenge

50 Day Challenge
A picture of something you'd like to forget.

2010 was a year that I went through a ton of emotions.
What do I remember most?
I'd like to completely forget the end of 2009 and the beginning of 2010.
I'm not denying that I've become a better person or that the pain has lead to growth but all in all I'd have preferred to not have felt that.

I HATED working for Child Protective Services.
Honestly, it wasn't what you'd think.
It wasn't seeing abusive/I/don't/give/ a/shit parents.
It wasn't even seeing bruises and horrid burns on children.
It was that we had SO much work and paperwork that you couldn't possibly even come close to spending the time on each child or family or case that you know the family needed in order to not be in that situation again.
And that was the biggest run-on sentence ever.
Essentially, funding sucked because we're the Govt so we were over-worked and under-paid.
There fore you'd see the same families over and over and over.
To be honest, the amount of smudging paperwork was just terrible.
The experience was a real eye-opener and I'm not sure it's something I necessarily want to forget (as I learned a great deal) but I NEVER want to go back there.
Few people realize that we have no legal authority so if you are contacted by CPS...
slam. the. door.

I was a pretty awful teenager.
and I was fairly lost and confused.
Not sure why we have to be teenagers.
it sucks.
I think especially for girls.
I will never be able to pay my parents back for the shit they put up with.
Mom swears I had good days but I'm not sure I remember those.
I said things to them I would never day now and I thought they were just straight evil.
I am so not looking forward to being the parent of a teenager.
ugh and double merde.

Lastly, there was this one time.
at Holiday World
With my bf Rachel and her boyfriend.
She didn't want to ride the ride but we did.
In the water park.
At the top of the water slide thingy.

I think you know what happened after that.
I didn't just TOTALLY flash everyone from the top of a ride (did I mention top of ride and bathing suit?)...
but my BEST Friend's boyfriend had to help me PUT my top back on.

I am NOT providing a picture of this incident.
thank you very much.

and haven't been to Holiday World since then.
I'm sure there is a sign or something telling people to not let me in.


Bobbi said...

In response to your CPS commentary - CPS was part of the awfulness that took place in December/January. They quite literaly ruined our lives to absolutely no one's (especially not Meike's) benefit. It makes me feel like all those people who would call complaining and I'd just roll my eyes, but I wouldn't dismiss those complaints so flippantly now. When I think about all of the coaxing I did to get information out of people, like "CPS exists to keep families together" or about how they strive to provide services and make things better, I cringe at the amount of chaos and heartache I must have caused those families by convincing them to open that door. Except for the actually shitty parents - you know, the branding and raping children kind.

Kate said...

Totally in agreement Bobbi. CPS does more damage than good. In ALL the cases I worked I remember two that I thought were truly necessary and those kids got sent right back to the abusive parents. The whole system is set up for failure and all the case workers can think about is "cover your ass". You have no idea how many times my boss told me to do something just so CPS wouldn't look bad.

Elsa said...

My friend's parents took temporary custody of their oldest daughters children (now permanent, because they raised them from babies to adults). Case workers harassed them constantly over paperwork and other meaningless things and wanted to search every room of their house when they told the case worker that this was insane. And they were the GRANDPARENTS. And not only are they family, but after having a handicap child, they acted as foster parents for years to children that were abused/handicap. So they would rehabilitate them, teach them to walk, etc. And they were harassed over their own grandkids years later, unreal.

Anonymous said...

I work there now, trying to find something new. Way underpaid and yes, too much paperwork and too many cases to give these kids what they deserve!