Saturday, March 12, 2011

50 Day Challenge

50 Day Challenge
A Picture and a Letter

My letter is going to be short because I don't want to cry.
And I'm giving you fair warning that this is going to be a sad one so if you are depressed, pregnant, overly emotional because you stubbed your toe, or just watched Titanic please STOP reading.

Dear Grammie,

I am very angry. And very lonely. How could you leave? I know it is selfish to say that but you left me in a world that I don't understand how to live in without you. I haven't felt the same since June 8th. Please come back. I don't know how to describe to people that a part of me died with you. I tell myself that you are out of pain and that you are with Grandpa and Tommy and your Grandmother, who I know loved you the way you did me but I REALLY miss you and I really need you. Your home and my visits to you were my escape. It was a place that I was always safe and nurtured. There was no evil or stress in that home. I miss the faith that hung on the walls. I miss the spoons. I miss the sound of Turner Classic Movies, I miss the railing leading upstairs, I miss lying in bed next to and rolling toward you because you weighed so much more than me, I miss the smell of the house, and the flappy skin on you hand. I miss your signature and your yellow planner that held everything, I miss yelling at you about your stacks of stuff, and I miss the back room that you told me never to go in but that I always did (and you knew it). I miss that purple chair that I always made you promise I could have when you died. I miss trying on your rings and necklaces and folding your towels. I miss that cracks in the wall in my room and cold wood floor. Most of all though, I miss laughing with you. I am certain I will never laugh like that again. ever. I've tried to start writing down some of our running jokes and occasionally I talk to Oliver as Ms. Prissy. But how can Ms. Prissy be Ms. Prissy without a Ms. Scarlett.
Please come back.
make the pain stop and that hole in my chest filled.

Love and chi chi poo poo,
Ms. Prissy

This is a picture of Marilyn Monroe.
Because one time Grammie told me that no one can ever actually see what they look like.
When you look in a mirror you're seeing the reverse.
Therefore Grammie was convinced that she looks like Marilyn Monroe.


Harris Family said...

Oh my, poor Kate.
That's outrageously sad.
Big hugs.
You're Grammie sounds like a wonderful lady.

Rebecca said...

Now write a letter to your Grammie as if you were writing a letter to your Grammie. And stop whining you ninny.

Darrel said...

damn you for being a whining ninny and not healing and living for one more summer with me. take that Grammie.

Darrel said...

KAte said that. Not D.