Saturday, March 5, 2011

50 Day Challenge

This is a work in progress and is written on scraps of paper in my purse, pockets, glove box, on the fridge, and in the cracks of the couch. I thought I'd make it an official list..........

50 Day Challenge

Something you want to do before you die...

1. Finish the Modern Library's 100 Greatest Novels List

2. Learn to ski

3. Learn Spanish

4. Own a horse

5. Sign MD at the end of my name

6. Learn to be more honest with others about my feelings.

7. Go on vacation with Max

8. Live in Rural Kenya

9. Show my parents how much I appreciate the life they have given me.

10. Be a foster parent

11. Write a book of short stories

12. Visit Prague

13. Communicate better.

14. Run a free clinic in a third world country

15. Visit Ireland with my parents.

16. Learn to make the perfect Bloody Mary

17. Visit St. Petersburg, Russia while wearing a fur-trimmed coat

18. Work as a chef

19. Take a tour of a peanut farm

20. Have a beautiful garden.

21. Get a little strawberry tattoo

22. Grow my hair out all the way down my back

23. Drink wine at a cafe in Spain

24. Sleep on the beach next to a bonfire (DONE)

25. Donate my hair to Lock for Love (DONE)

26. Ride a motorcycle across the US

27. Play the fiddle like a pro

28. Own a boat and spend Saturday's on a lake.

29. Grow my own peaches.

30. Ride a scooter through the streets of Paris

31. Spend an anniversary in Casablanca.

32. Have a balcony with french doors in my bedroom

33. Own my own business.

34. Make the perfect meal.

35. Be an Alethea to another girl.

36. See all of Frida's paintings.

37. Have a backstage/ all-inclusive pass to Max's show (DONE)

38. See the pyramids of Egypt.

39. Snorkle in the Great Barrier Reef.

40. Read "The BFG" to my child.

41. Have a wrap-around porch with a big, wooden porch swing.

42. Grow beautiful fall mums (and not kill them).

43. Cruise around town in my very own powder blue Sting Ray.

44. Get implants.

45. Throw the ultimate cocktail party.

46. Master Mom's french toast (DONE)

47. Live on 100+ acres.

48. Be a respected and noted member of my profession.

49. Be an "Aunt Zucchini" to Max's children.

50. Lay by my in-ground pool with one of Sam's specialty Pina Coladas.

51. This one is for no one else to know.....

52. Kick the Diet Coke addiction (DONE -for a while, then DONE again for awhile)

53. Have a wrought iron spiral staircase.

54. Spend every Christmas eve warm, cozy, and happy with my family.

55. Spend the night in a castle.

56. Watch the Cubs win the World Series.

57. Visit Madagascar before all the wildlife have been killed.

58. Learn to feel comfortable talking with my father.

59. Take an all inclusive vacation to a resort beach, even though it ruins the local culture and economy.

60. Make Dad's spritz cookies without cursing, screaming, or throwing things when the dough is too sticky (DONE)

61. Become closer to my mom's sisters (my Aunts).

62. Have one really close bosom friend.

63. Visit Prince Edward Island and all of Anne of Green Gables old haunts.

64. Have a newspaper column.

65. Always stay in touch with Paige.

66. Eat fresh lobster at a seafood shack in Maine.

67. See my Father's work in an art gallery (as an adult).

68. Join and stay active in a book club.

69. Visit the Andy Warhol museum again (this time as an adult).

70. Vintage shop in Soho and Chelsea.

71. Own a first edition of Tender is the Night.

72. Be involved with a Children's Theatre group.

73. This one is a secret too...

74. Be impulsive.

75. Learn to trust my heart (DONE- thanks to the strength Oliver gave me)

76. Spend less time worrying about whether or not my family approves.

77. Carve pumpkins and drink cider every Halloween with Oliver.

78. Meet Mark Bittman

79.Take D to San Fransisco

80. Have a beautiful Catholic wedding in my "Funny Face" wedding dress

81. Spend July's with my Mom and Aunt at Lakeside

82. Take a tour of California Wine country

83. Own a REAL chef's knife

84. Teach Oliver to ride a horse

85. Own chickens and goats

86. Publish a cookbook

87. Recreate Grammie's Greenbrier room

88. Eat at Chez Panisse

89. Make all my children and Max's a baby blanket (like my mother did)

90. Have a big, vintage wooden table/kitchen island that is seasoned and well worn.

91. Learn to be more of a perfectionist

92. Make a notable contribution in the HIV/AIDS field

93. Have a baby girl

94. East at a NYT starred restaurant and pretend I'm a food critic (big glasses, trench, scarf and all)

95. Design my own kitchen from scratch

96. Own my own home (DONE)

97. Have a jacuzzi bathtub that is my oasis

98. See my Grammie's book "All the Flowers have your name" realized

99. Fly a kite with Oliver

100. Have the opprotunity to say "That's my son!"

More to come......

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Harris Family said...

You've got so many fun things on that list. Incredible!