Thursday, March 3, 2011

50 Day Challenge

50 Day Challenge
Someone You Can't Imagine Your Life Without

Let's start with Frida.
I honestly would be a very different person if it weren't for this women.
The first time I saw a collection of her paintings (in a cheap $5 book at Barnes and Noble) I was completely blown away.
Not 2 weeks later the movie came out and I was captivated.
In love.
I began collecting anything and every thing Frida.
My "honeymoon" to Mexico with Sam and Anthony was one of the best trips of my life.
I even met and held hands with Frida's neighbor (who was older than dirt). She told me all about her and dinner parties, and the fights she'd overhear.
I haven't quite discovered just what it is about her (I do ADORE Mexican culture and art though) but a part of me I see in her.
Almost like I am somehow connected to her.

My Father is an artist.
His work.
I will never be able to explain it's affect on me.
Most of it I don't understand. Yet.
Some of it I see or feel something different each time I look at it.
I'd rather a piece of his work in my home than a Monet or even, *gasp*, a Degas.
I especially remember one evening not long after we moved to Indiana.
Dad was "working" but he gave me my own drawing pad, some pastels, and I believe this was during his chalk phase.
It felt really late and I did art just like Dad.
I so looked up to him and even though I was about 7 I thought his art was amazing.

This is the painting he created for my wedding.
I tear up when I look at it.
I am so proud.

Green Street.
Ottumwa Iowa.
Late 80's.

I've been friends with Paige since birth.
We go YEARS without seeing each other.
When we moved to Indiana I cried because I missed Paige.
I begged Mom and Dad to let me go back and live with her.
We had matching dresses.
We danced with Mom to Hungry Eyes.
We camped out in my tent in the living room.
We made mud pies.
Her mom let us watch Ghostbusters.
She had 48509435804 Barbies.
I had to wear *gasp* pants on the first day of Preschool.
Her mom let her wear a dress and frilly socks.
We both still keep in touch with our preschool teacher.
I went to her beautiful wedding.
We both have adorable baby boys.
She took my other baby name.
but I forgive her.

I met Sam in Costa Rica.
As much sadness that came during the end of our time together he changed and shaped me in a positive way.
He taught me to have fun and loved me for me.
Truly, we did EVERYTHING together.
I don't think I will ever have a best friend like I did in him.
We were just too young to see it.
And our faults got the better of us.

Now. now. I know some of you are gasping..."But Kate! You are engaged to another man. How can you say that???"
My reply to you: D is forever love. D is a partner, a husband, a father, he stands next to me. I feel D deep in my soul. In the deepest parts of me. We can make it through thick and thin.

Sam was a best friend. It is a very different type of love. No less important; just different.

My biggest regret is that we worked so hard to turn that friendship into that deeper bond of marriage. We should've stayed Patti and Robert. We were good at that.
(If you get that reference you are waaay cool in my book.)

Most importantly, he was there on that one night when I was alone and broken.
He, without question, saved my life.

I've probably spent less that 24hrs total in her physical presence.
Not kidding.
But she has, without question, become a good friend.
It is amazing how very much words/writing can tie people together.
Through emails and blogging and , yes FB, we have become wonderful friends.
She was there during the drama that was joblessness and babies and stress.
She is my long distance twin.
I greatly admire her.
oh and she's really pretty.
and changes her hair color as often as I do.
and picks out all the cute baby girl things I secretly want to dress Little O in.
and see...
she likes RED.

Where to even begin.
On my first birthday after having Oliver she made a card to me from Oliver.
That pretty much describes how awesome she is.
Well, that and her always perfect makeup and necklaces.
Oh, and her superb organizational skills.
and her truffles.
and her shrimp cocktail.
and meatloaf.
I need to stop now.
She FINALLY married Joe this past year.
I'm so happy for them. Best couple ever.
Put the two of them together and you'll find the biggest heart.
It's that kinda friendship where you can go a year without seeing each other and pick up right where you left off.

I met C when I was 17.
For some reason I called her Sweet Pea.
I think because she wore Sweet Pea lotion from Bath and Body Works.
We ate at Denny's. A lot.
Remember that one time when someone bought our breakfast??
We felt like Queens.
C is a first and foremost extremely smart.
She chose to be a mommy and I envy her is more ways than I can count (and aspire to be as tidy as she is) but this women is very, very smart.
I've never seen anyone do math like her.
In fact, she'll be skyping with Oliver when we get to um...addition and subtraction.
She's also a fighter. Even when she has what she thinks is a moment of weakness I wish I could have half that.
I love her girls, her Chris, and the life she has accomplished.
oh, and her to-die-for cream sauce.

F. Scott Fitzgerald
When I was in High School my Pops told me that I would, at some point in my life, read a book that would change my life.
Summer 2005
I was taking physics and chem summer school.
Sam was in France.
I lived with Medical Students.
I worked at Starbucks on campus.
I hung out with Jen, Lindsay, Scotty, Tim, Rachel.
I read Tender is the Night.
Then I read it again.
and I knew this was the book.
I don't remember why or at least I can't explain it but...
I was a different person.

My family.
Of course they've sculpted me.

Believing in yourself.
Belief in goodness.
Good wine.
Sustainable living.


Taught me to stand up for myself.
Taught me to protect what I love.
Taught me true love.
Taught me what it means to sacrifice.
Taught me to care more about someone else than myself.

Is still teaching me.

I don't think I can write about D without crying.
He is the epitome of strength and understanding.
I've showed him my darkness and he held my hand.
I've yelled, screamed, cried, lied, and then laughed and he is just there.
He isn't open or emotional and getting an "i love you" is like pulling teeth but the new com-poster in the backyard says "i love you".
The hours spent laying flooring and searching for just what Kate wants says "i love you".
That side smile he gives me says " i love you".
Watching Meet me in St. Louis on a regular basis says "i love you".

D, I love you too.

Andrew Llyod Webber
You know I love you.
I've loved you since the first time Mom played Jesus Christ Superstar and then the Phantom.
Where would I be without you?
You opened the door to a musical world...
I found Evita.
I found Aida.
I found opera.
I found Fiddler and then RENT.

Thank you for being a musical genius.

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Laurie said...

Hi, I stumbled across your blog and I wanted to see if you would be interested in mine.

For me it was FS Fitzgeralds short stories that changed me. I am not sure what it is that touched me, but I am hooked. I have a pet project where I am reading his works and just writing my thoughts. I would love another Fitzgerald lover to stop in now and then.