Tuesday, March 1, 2011

50 Day Challenge

50 Day Challenge
Your Favorite Band

How can the first not be the Broderick?
Max and I were marinated and raised in a HUGE vat of music so it came as no surprise that my brother became the most amazing musician ever.
It's disgusting actually.
He can hear any instrument, pick it up, sit for hours messing around, and learn it.
I told ya. Disgusting.
But I'm endlessly proud.
I truly love his lyrics.
I've said it before and I'll say it again but knowing the meaning and the personal feelings funneled into a song truly makes it so much more moving.
Even Little O asks for the "DO-DA" song (Gold in the Fire)

I've always liked this picture.
It's just to silly.
Look at Watson in the back.
That was a fun show!
I danced.
a lot.

This man has changed my life.
In many ways.
I started by listening to whatever my Pops listened to (he likes Blonde on Blonde).
Then I got older and Pops gave me a record player and all his albums.
Yes, my Daddy is pretty damn cool.
Then I discovered...
Leopard Print Pill Box Hat
Lilly, Rosemary, and the Jack of Hearts
Believe in me

I could go on and on.
He is my go to poet.

If Dylan is my poet, Lucinda is my rocker.
I can ROCK to her.
She is tough as nails but has a way with lyrics that are soft and honest.
I've seen her about 94570467586 times.
Max and I saw her once in St. Louis.
We were young (I think 19 and 14).
We got lost.
In East St. Louis.
In my parents nerdy Honda.
But lived to tell the tale.

Oh Mr. Petty.
So many stories.
Let's tell the best one...
June 2005.
I had just bought my CRV.
Literally it had 20 miles on it.
Max, my 3 female roommates, and John went to see Petty in Indy.
It rained.
No. Correction. It POURED.
During "Learning to Fly" the electricity went out.
The entire crowd kept singing and Petty kept playing.
When the power came back everyone and Tom were right in sync.
It. was. awesome.
Then I lost the following:
a high heel
my tank top
(yes I left in only a bra)
and we were all soaked
and I was with my little brother
who later peed in my closet because apparently when you sleep walk my closet resembles the bathroom.
He then proceeded to walk to the bathroom and flush and wash his hands.
Ruined my cd player but hey, the kid washed his hands.
I'm probably going to be murdered for telling this story.

It was nice knowing ya'll.

Josh Ritter.
Marry me.
Sing to me.
I'll kill Kelsie to get to you if I have to.
Please marry me and just sing.

Lori McKenna.
Pops sent me two of her cd's when life was falling apart here in Texas.
I fell in love.
Listened to it on repeat.
She speaks to me.
and she knows Josh Ritter.

Bob Sweazy introduced me to Kasey Chambers via a burned cd given to Pops.
I then became obsessed.
I can sing EVERY line to EVERY song she's ever written.
She lives in Australia.
The first time I had tickets I drove to Madison Wisconsin and the show was canceled.
I drove back to Grammie's super bummed.
The second time I was uber prego and Sam took me to the Cactus (best. venue. ever) and guess what? Stupid hurricane.
I remember he wrote a nasty letter saying that he was trying to do something for his huge, waddling, grumpy wife.
And I did cry all the rest of the evening even after I was allowed to have a diet coke (that's a pregnancy no-no).
She did come back over a year later and D and I went.
We sat in the front row.
and I drank alcohol and diet coke!
It was awesome.


Harris Family said...

I've never heard of those last two. I will have to check them out!

Casondra said...

fantastic choices! Check out Sarah Buxton. I think you'd like her raspy vocals. She's amazing. Also, Adele!

Kate said...

Oh Casondra....I LOVE Sarah Buxton!