Sunday, February 27, 2011

Friday's Fave Five

(on a Sunday)

1) Naps
I'm not sure what my deal has been lately. Possibly coming off being so sick and then jumping into a stressful audit for me at work and work load that I feel I'm drowning in but I have been so so tired.
D has been wonderful with letting me nap and trying to work on the tile (which LOOKS to be posted soon) all while watching the small monster.
Still not sure what my body is experiencing but I can sometimes hardly keep my eyes open.

2)Talking to Little O
He has started to say "lub dub" (Oliver speak for love you). I love coming home to that and I'm so jealous of my sitter for getting to here his ramblings.
I especially love hearing him in another room carrying on full 2 1/2yo conversations.

3) Cheese
I love cheese.
I really do.
I had this black pepper cheese the other day..mmm
and I bought some gouda...mmm
and tomorrow I'm making ricotta after work...mmm
and HEB has the BEST extra sharp cheddar.
Central Market has an amazing black truffle cheese.
I probably get most of my food intake from cheese.

4) Nights like tonight.
It's Oscar night.
I haven't seen one of the movies.
A) I live in the middle of nowhere.
B) I work. A lot.
C) I have a toddler.

I haven't been to a movie in over a year but tonight I'm making mini corn dogs and spinach artichoke dip, grabbing a bottle of wine and a case of beer...oh and the diaper bag...and toy story backpack...and some sippy cups...and jim jams (for O, not me) and headed to our friend Brin and Skyler's home.

There is nothing better.

5) Lucinda Williams
She has new album coming out on March 1.
There are no words for my excitement.
She got me through my divorce, my 17th year of life (dear god), most of College, a road trip out west with the family at 13yo.
She's been my go-to girl musician.
I'm nearly dying with excitement at hearing the total album.
I've pre-ordered the CD and the Album.
I feel very strongly that a TRUE artist creates an album-not a single.
I want to sit and listen to how Lucinda will change my life this time round.

P.S. May 6th...Stubbs...ME...Front Row...

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Harris Family said...

Cheese is by far the greatest of all foods. I could live on sharp cheddar and crackers. Mmmmm.