Thursday, March 24, 2011

3 Forks Family

I've never introduced my blogging friends to my Austin family.
This is my almost nephew Jack.
He is perfect.
and rolly polly.
and I heart him greatly.
I plan on...
a)spoiling him rotten
b)taking him to the art museum/pool/zoo/concerts
c) buying him really annoying toys
d) smothering him with kisses

This is Aunt Jessie.
It greatly confuses Little O.
I say.... "say hi"... to Aunt Jessie and he runs to get Jessie...
Aunt Jessie is the complete opposite of me and I love that about her.
She's much tougher and stronger than I am.
and she can play the guitar (which I've always wanted to do).
Oh, and she checks out my little O's rash's that I think are deadly, bumps that I'm convinced are cancer, and the dirt in his hair that I'm sure are lice.
Most of all, we share a very similar laid back parenting style.

Just kidding.
This is Uncle Matt and Aunt Jessie...
I think this picture describes them perfectly.
They are very opposite.
A lot in the same ways that D and I are opposite.
I'm so grateful to have met them.
I see how close D is to Matt and I know it is hard to find truly loyal, love you not matter what friends.
That is Matt and Jessie.
Matt answered the phone the night Little O locked my out of the house and I was hysterical and freaking and crying and D was at work.
Dear lord.
yes, that happened.

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