Thursday, March 24, 2011

50 Day Challenge

50 Day Challenge
A Picture of Your Day

Trust me, you don't want to see a picture of my day.
It involved a very lovely OB DR, a long needle, and my ovaries.
That was my day.
They told me to bring someone with me and to not drive home.
Did I listen?
Do I remember the drive home?
I'm pretty sure I talked to my Mom on the phone and may have mentioned things like...
let's drive to Vegas.
I love pickles.
pickles are sooo awesome.
I feel kinda drunk.
and it hurts.
but pickles are reallly awesome.
and oh hey, when are we leaving for Vegas?

I crashed hardcore when I got home and am still shaking (side effect from the anesthetic).
The nausea is gone (thanks to a glass of wine) and I'm soon moving back to the couch.
O has attempted to snuggle (push his head into my very sore tummy) which kinda makes me want to scream but he seems to sense my pain and keeps saying:
"you okay mommy"
"it's alwight"
"we get juice now mommy"

So, rather than show you scary pictures of me in a hospital dressing gown, corny footie socks, and my stylin hair net I thought I'd show you the one thing I love about Austin, TX more than anything.
And the one thing that D does just because he knows I adore it.
It happens every March and it's part of the Vegas circuit (so we see big names).
Although, if you don't follow the circuits it all means nothing to you.
Anyway, D doesn't even give me a hard time or complain.
He gets junk food and beer.
He does though.
And he lets me ride the ferris wheels.
Which is just about the only ride I can handle post birthing small monster.
But it's ok, it's my favorite ride.

Ok, I'll stop now and show you the pictures.
I had fun playing with the camera Pops gave me.
I'm still learning and the lighting wasn't great so just go with it and forgive the darkness of some of them. I've been studying a lot of photographers. My current obsession is Diane Arbus but I have a slew of others that I want to read and study.
Pops even mentioned that there might be a camera upgrade in my future (hehehe)!

I do have issues with light.
It seems to be my biggest challenge.

One of the things I love most about the rodeo is the people.
I love the variation between the families with kids in tow all decked out to the slutty teenage girls that all think they look so hot and trendy and the die hard cowboys who are there because this is more than a sport or a night out to them.

I also love boots.
and pictures of boots.
I'm sure my parents died a bit inside when I bought my first pair.
I know own more pairs than is normal.
I still have my very first pair.
been wet so many times that they are the exact shape of my foot.
I will CRY big, ole giant tears when they finally breakdown.
I wore them.

The bull riding isn't actually my favorite event.
I like the horses.
I love horses.
I just started volunteering at a therapeutic riding stable on Friday evenings (obviously not today).
If I rode today my ovaries might have packed a bag and headed to Vegas.

The end of the night.
I have no idea why I like the remnants of the rodeo.
I like the beer cans, the leftover programs, empty popcorn boxes.
forgotten sweaters and sippy cups...

Calf-ropin action shot...
I had the most fun with the action shots.

At the end of the bull ridin it's tradition for the rodeo to provide a a performance by a country music star on the rolling stage. hehe
This is my third time seeing Clay Walker.
I don't much listen to his music, other than the radio but he buts on a really fun show.
It's mostly just a cool ending to the night (although imagine the acoustics in a horse arena...ugh and double merde).

And there is the money shot folks...
He made it 8 seconds.
This is a prime example of my lighting issues.
Any advice would be appreciated.
I think I need to expose it longer.

All in all, I had a blast and D tolerated it.
We had fun.
And I bought a new cowboy hat.
And looked at a new pair of boots...
for my birthday.
hint, hint.

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