Sunday, March 27, 2011

50 Day Challenge

50 Day Challenge
A Picture of You and a Family Member

Introducing the very short, very sweet, and ever so lovely Priscilla Pearl.
She is my Grandma on my Mom's side.
I talk so much about Grammie that I thought you should meet this amazing lady as well.
She had three daughters who then had four daughters.
Everyone was happy when Max showed up.

My grandparents have a truly amazing love story.
They met when they were just kids.
And got married in their military uniforms.
Papa was in the service and Grandma was a WAC.
In the wedding photo (which I'll post if I can find it) she is this petite, tiny little wisp with the darkest, raven hair and my Papa looks just like Humphrey Bogart.
Well, the story goes that Grandma gave Papa a silver bracelet which he wore on his wrist and had sent him cigarettes and a pack of gum in a care package.
When he was shot in the wrist (work with me on the details here) it bounced off the bracelet which slowed the speed of the bullet and completely shredded the gum and cigarettes.
The bullet never entered his chest.

Papa can't bend his wrist but Grandma saved his life.
They've been married for over 70 years.

There is nothing more fun that going to visit them.
A few summers when I was a kiddo they'd drive to Indiana to visit and take me back to stay with them.
They have a little piece of land and this small grove in the waaay back with crab apple trees.
I used to pretend I was a fairy (of course I did) and that this was my cove.
At lunch time, which usually consisted of Grandma's specialty, pb, mustard, pickle (I still eat it), we'd watch the Young and the Restless.
They live on a dead end street and always had a ton of toys.
She kept all the dolls and games from my Mom and Aunts.
Each grandchild had their favorite toy.
Mine was the Penny Bright dolls and the Park and Shop game.
Believe it or not but the great-grand kids now play with them (ok, and me too).

I also loved going to church with them.
They have a certain pew and EVERYONE knows them.
They aren't Catholic so it was always such a different experience for me.
I loved that we all went out for breakfast afterward and Grandma would talk to her friends about my school or a play I was in.

I'll never forget the time that Grandma tried to make me a butter and ketchup sandwich.
I looked at her like she was insane.
So, she made me sugar cookies from the freezer in the scary basement (pipes folks, pipes).
She was fairly strict but on that day we had milk and cookies for lunch.
She made me swear not to tell Papa.

I miss them very much and so wish I were able to see her more often.
Luckily, July will be here soon.
When you go see Grandma, you are instantly mothered and loved.
Even in her 80's she'll insist that you haven't had enough to eat.

Oh, and p.s. She's had back surgery and is already naturally kinda short so I love this picture because most of the time you just see the top of her head.

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