Saturday, February 26, 2011

50 Day Challenge

50 Day Challenge
Day 12: A Picture of Something You Love

I love the calm, the smell of old books, the crispness of new books, the soft yellow pages of old books, the general feeling of serenity.
I love people that go to libraries.
I love discovering a new book.
I love taking a stack home and exploring the world held within that book.

I simply love to laugh.
(insert Mary Poppins song here)
I find laughter to be the greatest bond between friends.
I remember being a kid in the middle of the night and Max on the bottom bunk and me on top and we'd get to laughing so hard over absolutely nothing.
I love that laugh Oliver has the first time he saw me brush my hair or the first time he sat in a swing. Full belly 6 month old laughter.

I feel truly free when I'm standing at waters edge.
I am very grateful to live so close to the coast.
The air smells salty and fresh and crisp.
The beach we go to here is literally empty.
It's such a call to a higher power for me and a cause for reflection.
Free Spirit.
D doesn't often talk about his feelings but he once mentioned that he loved the look on my face as I ran through the breaking waves.

Now for something corny.
I love diet cherry limeades without ice from Sonic.
Yes. I do.
(1/2 price from 2-4) Thank you very much.
I just love them.
They make my afternoons in clinic so happy.
and they taste all cherry-ish and cold. wants one now.

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Harris Family said...

There is something outrageously freeing about the ocean! It's like the weight of the world has been lifted and you're instantaneously happy.