Friday, February 25, 2011

50 Day Challenge

50 Day Challenge
Day 11: A Picture of Something you Hate the Most

Austin traffic is TERRIBLE.
I rarely have anger at other drivers but I do have anger in general.
Just thinking about how much I hate traffic makes my blood pressure go up.
and up
and up.
I can't even talk about it anymore.
I must go sit a corner and rock back and forth until the scary thoughts stop.

Alarm Clocks.

Who invented alarm clocks?
I shall kill them.
I'm actually not a late sleeper.
If I sleep without an alarm I tend to get up around 8am anyway but I supremely HATE the beeping of an alarm.
It's very very annoying to awake in such a manner.
Makes me feel slave to "the man".

I flipping HATE doing the dishes.
It was my chore as a child.
Oddly enough, it is still my chore.
I'm terrible at it.
and yet it stresses me out terrible to see a stack of dirty dishes.
Every time I walk into my almost brother and sister in-laws and my brother's house I have the urge to clean their dishes.
More than I hate washing dishes, I hate stacks of dirty dishes.
but I still hate washing them.

I hate HIV.
I love HIV because I find it fascinating.
I hate what I've seen it do to people.
I love it for the purpose in life it has given me.
I hate it for the stigma revolving around it.

Now for the big one...
Everyone that knows me even the slightest bit knows that I am beyond horrified of pipes.
As in phobia scared.

This one time, as I was working night shift as a CNA in an assisted living community (because working one job and going to College full time isn't enough work as is) I had to go through an emergency preparedness training with the janitors.
They took us down into the HUGE furnace room and showed use where to direct the firefighters in case of an emergency.
He opened these HUGE double doors and there before me were about 12 furnaces at least 9 feet tall with PIPES every where.
I was hyperventilating so badly that all these janitors had no clue what to do.
I couldn't even walk into the room.

There is nothing kept under my sinks.
I don't paint or clean or dust near any pipe.
If something falls behind the dryer or washer it stays there forever.
I won't put my hand near the garbage disposal.
and I won't touch the drain in the tube or the sink.

Clearly I have issues.

No, I don't hate Oliver.
I have leaving that face.
That sweet, precious, "I lub dub you mommy" face.
Someday I will work from home and never ever have to say goodbye.

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