Thursday, February 24, 2011

50 Day Challenge

50 Day Challenge
Day 9: A picture of the person you do the most messed up things with

Hands down: College with Sam, Anthony, and Kevin.
We did everything together.
This was taken in Chicago not long after our return from Africa.
It was so nice to have the gang back together.
One too many Irish Car Bombs were done that night.
Classic Sam pose.
And Tony is cheesin.

We spent many an evening at Nicks (rather than studying).
And yes, the guy to my left is passed out.
This was the night Sam got us thrown out.
nice job.

Oh Jas, my bestie of all besties.
This was my last night ever in Bloomington.
We ate a TON of spicy peanuts.
and her dog drank my breast milk
(from Oliver's bottle)
and she always makes shrimp cocktail for me

The Positive Link ladies.
Especially Robin.
and Amy
and Tammy
and Jill
and Julie
and Jas
We'd laugh until we couldn't stand it.
and we talked a lot about food
and bodily functions.
usually at the same time.

Sam, Sam, Sam.
We had some wild times together.
Beer Fest in Indy.
Sam had a a LOT of beer and a donut hamburger. (yes you heard me)
Then he decided we needed to build a bags game.
I had 911 on stand-by.
See the intensity...
and how jacked up it looks...
and I helped.

Robin and I "worked" the County Fair Positive Link booth.
Can you tell we're working?
We road every ride 48209850945 times.
I'm pretty sure we peed our pants from laughing so hard on scrambler.
And yes, we were the only adults (and I use that term loosely) on the ride.
I have two words for you:
Polar. Pop.

Frat T.
Borderline alcoholism.
Too many stories to even begin.
All I have to say is that "I am NOT a hippy".
but I do still love ya.
Thanks for nearly killing me on the night before my wedding.
and for going with us on our honeymoon.
and for being the cool member of the Mod Squad.
and for the Tiki Hut.
Good times.

Best man.
Insisted he found human remains in the forest behind his house.
Laughed hysterically at me when I fell into the cadaver tank.
Tried to take me out by hitting me in the face at the movie theater.
Got drunk with me in the movie theater.
Helped me paint the IU bridge at 349840958 degrees below zero.
Member of our Flying Spaghetti Monster Club.

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Elsa said...

Spicy peanuts are awesome, but pumping breastmilk is NOT (glad those days are behind me for now). Oh and the Scrambler, my fav ride!