Tuesday, February 22, 2011

50 Day Challenge

50 Day Challenge
Day 9: A Picture of the Person that Has Gotten You Through the Most

How can I NOT start with my family?
They've yelled at me and made me a better person.
Taught me to laugh at myself.
Held me when everything fell apart.
Pampered me.
Humored my whims.
Loved me.
Gave me strength and a TON of laughs.

Dear Diet Coke,
You will probably give me cancer. You will most likely drain my bank account. I hate you but I soooo love you.
You wake me up.
You are bubbly and deliciously fizzy.
You are my secret "pick me up".
I try to avoid you and yet, there you are in that case, cold, evil, addictive propaganda.
Damn you for making me lurve you.

I remember this one very specific night not long after we moved to Austin.
Crazy Jeff had died, Sam was working 57843587 hours a day, I was lonely, new job, didn't know a soul.
Sam and I fought.
I mean fought.
I have no idea what about.
It was the first time that one of us "stormed out".
I went to Starbucks.
It was Dad's poker night. No answer.
Mom was doing goodness knows what. picking her toes. not answering me.
Max answered. 19 yo little brother in college on a Friday night answered.
I sobbed.
and sobbed.
and may have tried to get him to drive to Austin to get me.
but he was the perfect man, the perfect brother.
calm. strength.

This is my Papa.
and my Aunt Cathy.
I love them both.
There is nothing better than knowing that you have family that love you for you.
My Papa cracks me up.
He has allll girls.
And Max.
Can you imagine raising 3 daughters?
And having a wife?
and then having 4 granddaughters?
I think he danced the happy dance when Max was born.
I don't blame him.
But I do love him.
Even if his snoring keeps me awake.

Yes, I'm following my Papa up with my ipod.
Don't judge.
I can hear you judging from here.
My Daddy bought me the very first ipod that ever came out.
Because he is just awesome like that.
Since then I've had 5.
Some have died a tragic (in the tubby) death.
Others just got old and needed to go to the big ipod heaven.
I've used my ipod to destress, to crazy kitchen dance, to get through teething nights, to run, in the car for some hard core rocking out, and to discover just how much music can affect your outlook on life.
Thank you Mrs. Ipod.
Me hearts you.

my Momma.
You can not even begin to fathom the amount of shit this woman has put up with from me.
hysterical laughter.
first heart break.
failed exams.
and a touch more drama.
dirty diapers.
chicken pox.
more tears.
and more giggles.

High Heels.
Most women hate them.
Not me.
I adore them.
The more odd and creative they look, the more I like them.
They make me feel strong and sexy.
I slip my foot in a heel and I can take on anything.

Little O.
I became an entirely different person on the day he was born.
I grew up more in that instant than the previous 23 years.
He saved me.

Losing myself in a good story.
Finding myself in character.
Imagining another world.

That has changed my life.
And always will.

My Aunt Cathy and My Mom.
I started going to Lakeside with my cousin, Em, and my Aunt and Uncle a long long time ago.
Use three girls (and O) now go every year.
I could go to the beach.
I could save for Europe.
I could live it up in Vegas.
I could but I don't.
That week is what I look forward to every year.
I'm tearing up just thinking about it.
July is SO close!

On a side note:
My Aunt may live a REALLY long way from me but she has influenced and supported me in ways I cannot even begin to explain.

Ok, so D has only been around for 2 years.
He has stood by me through the drama of the divorce, night terrors with Oliver, the worst financial hell, the laying of tile, the building of raised garden beds.
He has given me the cold hard truth when I needed to hear it, wrapped me up in his arms when I lost Grammie, bought me red kitchen everything, and loved and spoiled me.
Most of all...he became a Dadda.

Yes, this is us at a non- Oliver party.
Rare, indeed.
And yes, this is us hugging a Gumby.
Don't ask.

Lastly, a bubble bath and wine.

Dear lavender scented, foamy bubble bath and deep peppery Zin,
Thank you for being there when I get home from work.
Thank you for massaging my body and brain.
Thank you for being delicious (the vino not the bath).
Thank you for being my de-stress aid.
Someday I will pay you back.
Much Love,


Casondra said...

I love this post!

It made me cry and giggle, and cry some more. I love how much you cherish your family!!!

Elsa said...

I feel the same way about heels. Especially in THOSE red heels and THAT red dress. hahaha