Monday, February 21, 2011

50 Day Challenge

50 Day Challenge

Day 8: A Picture that Makes You Laugh

I repeat, yes.
This picture cracks me up.
Every time I see the billboard I nearly have to pull over cause of the stupid giggling.
I can't explain my childishness. (nor do I care to)

D works pretty late and we were just starting to date so on Saturday's before we would meet up Little O and I would have Mommy/O time.
On this Saturday we went to the Farmer's Market and he "sampled" (as in stole) from several vendors.
Sssh! Don't tell. Prison would get the better of him.
In one hand is a cherry tomato he found somewhere.
In the hand feeding that silly face is a roll he also sound somewhere.
Little squirt.

Ah yes, the infamous "Mommy jumps into the peaceful pond in the botanical gardens scene to rescue Woody while small child laughs most evil-ey"...
What I love best is the look on the couples face behind me.
And the fact that it didn't even occur to me not to jump in.
There was no moment of "hmm...should I jump in?"
Oh no, I dove in.

This picture is more tied to the memory of the night makes me laugh.
Sam and I REALLY didn't want to go to the bars buuuuut we were 22 and somehow (haha) got drug out by this guy...Eric.
Eric was drunk by the time we got there.
REALLY drunk.
It was just before we moved to Texas.
Ten seconds after this picture was taken Sam and I were waltzing, I repeat, waltzing down the middle of Kirkwood in Bloomington.
God help us All.

Day Two in Kenya with my host family.
The camera was, by far, the most amazing thing they'd ever seen.
Until I showed them a Disney movie on my laptop.
Yes, I corrupt small children.
The middle son especially took an interest so I let him have a go at it.
The camera, not the laptop (that cost me two arms and selling my soul to Apple)
This is what I got...
I said make a funny face.

This was my kinda/sorta/not really bachelorette party.
We were playing charades.
I had snorting cocaine.
I work in infectious disease and love the movie Pulp Fiction so I lined up my "cocaine" and broke it up before snorting.
Everyone died laughing and I've never lived it down.

Louisville to watch Uncle Max rock.
BBQ joint.
Pickle picture....
Love that boy.
and that chin.
and those cheeks.
and that huge nose too.

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Elsa said...

I thought you said you snorted cocaine. I almost fell over. hehe

All of the pics are funny. And I love how you are still able to be friends with your ex and remember the good times. That's rare but awesome! :)