Sunday, February 20, 2011

50 Day Challenge

50 Day Challenge
Day 7: A Picture of Your Most Treasured Items

I'm sure it comes as no surprise that I'm starting with Mr. Oliver.
Who, on a side note, has started calling himself "Mester Olver" or "Whittle O.J."
( bad)

So, not to further delay the extreme excitment of yet another picture of the monster that grows much, much too fast...

I have a MASSIVE vintage collection.
I have about 20 wedding dresses in sizes I'll never be able to wear unless I start eating a lot of cookie dough ice cream and cheeseburgers.
I have about 100 vintage dresses that I can wear.
This one is my most favorite.
It cost me 20 bucks which I bargained down to 16.
(insert evil laugh)

My Honda.

I have a definite love/hate relationship with my SUV.
stupid payment
stupid stupid life with a car (I'd love to NEVER DRIVE)
On the flip side, I've had this car since 2005.
We've been to college.
5 Tom Petty Concerts
Some massive rain storms
late nights in the Chem lab
South Carolina on the beach
Moved to Austin, TX
Road trips beyond #
a sad and long trip back to Mom and Dad's
and endless amounts of rocking out.

I love my garden and those sunglasses too.
Not a big fan of that shirt though.

Polka Dot Bowls.
I ADORE these bowls.
They are from the Inner Chef in Bloomington.
If you haven't been there, go!
right now.
stop reading and go.

Sam bought them for me on our 2nd Christmas (I think) and I adore them.
There are three and they stack inside each other.
I remember we were wandering around the square (we lived in the Princess Hotel...naturally).
It wasn't a hotel any was broken up into 3 apartments.
Next to the Bluebird.
I begged to stop in and just look (i.e. I wanted to buy a colored cooking utensil to add to my collection...give me a break they are only 3.99...a decent "college student" splurge) I off handedly remarked about these Christmas-ish polka dotted bowls that were uber out of my price range.
A few months later...

It's also a feat that they aren't broken.
I hide them when my Mom visits.
No. really. I do.

That painting in the background.
My Pops painted for my 20th birthday.
It's hung in every place I've lived and it is, hands down, the BEST gift I've ever been given.
It says untitled Mullen 10-11-2003 on the back but I've named it K.
Could be any more me?

This my highly organized garage.

D stacks and restacks my Christmas box, my Easter box, my fall box, my IU box, my next baby box, my Grammie box, my someday wedding box, my Oliver save box(es), my trip to Africa box, my craft box, the camping box, and I could go on and on and on...

What a good man.
Hey, at least I put stuff in organized boxes.

Whether it be Pops camera skills (which are madly awesome) or mine (which strive to be Pops level), I treasure a camera.
The camera captures...
  • a moment
  • a feeling
  • an instant
  • an emotion
  • an expression
  • love
  • goofy faces
  • summer Indiana corn...

My computer.
I'm not sure what people did before computers.
It stores my pictures.
All my music.
Pretty much my life in a little electronic book.
The best part is the way it keeps me connected to my family and all my friends.
I also love the Kisi rabbit ears my computer appears to be wearing...

My Home.
I worked so incredibly hard to thrive in Texas after the divorce.
I decided to buy this house even though it needed a lot of work.
I'm glad I did.
I'm incredibly proud of it and all that it can offer my Little O.

Three Forks Ranch...

The first Flowers Little O ever picked for me.
With a little help from D.
I'm so lucky to have such a wonderful, silly, crazy family.

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Jasynda said...

I hate to share bad news, but the Inner Chef closed. I've been trying to find a way to tell you before you make a trip to B-town. Sad...