Saturday, January 15, 2011

Sorry it's Sunday!

Okay, I know it's Sunday but I needed this and since I got home from work at 6pm and then took a 2 hour nap and awoke to a child with a fever...Friday's post just didn't happen. Neither did posting it on Saturday due to watching 3mo old baby Jack and Little O and D at the same time. HEHE!

1) Music. Not quite sure how to even begin to explain how important music is in my life. It has shaped who I am, inspired me to do things I never thought I'd do, and it drives me to and from work everyday. Don't even get me started on how much it's affected my brothers life.

My TOP 5 Artists of all time:
  • Lucinda Williams
  • Tom Petty
  • Bob Dylan
  • Franki Valli
  • The Broderick

2)My GPS. I have no idea how people survived before the invention of the GPS. I would be lost 100% of the time and I'd have to quit my job because me stats would be so low from never being able to find clients home. I might just have to marry my GPS. But since I thank him on a daily basis that should do for now. Not sure why I call him a him since he has a British female voice. Hmm....maybe I have a gay GPS. Ok Kate, stop talking about your GPS. Stop it.

3)My bread machine. So I REALLY LOVE gouda cheese and I ususally buy this one certain brand but they were out so I had to buy this other brand. Needless to say I very much didn't like it. So, yesterday I was thinking "gee, I hate to waste all that cheese and money what can I do with it". Then my AWESOME brain said "bread"!

So, I...
  • proofed 2 1/2t yeast in 1 1/4 c warm water
  • put 3 cups flour, 2 t. sugar, 1t. salt. 3 cloves chopped garlic, 2 T. oregano, 1 c. shredded gouda, 2 T. EVOO, and 1/2 c. sun-dried tomatoes into the bread machine
  • added the liquids
  • 3 hours later... the house smelled amazing and I had this...

and this...

4) Vintage Clothes: I love to dress up. Not all glam glam like your going out on the town. I just mean dress up. I think it stems from my days as a costume designer. You will rarely catch me in pants, and only occasionally jeans. I don't even own sweat pants or stretch pants. I don't even own a t-shirt. I love the hunt for a good vintage find. The feeling that it's unique and has a history and a story. I especially love when I find one that fits me just perfectly or one that is a little damaged and I can fix or alter.

5) Day's off: I have tomorrow off because of Martin Luther King day. I am ever so grateful for this. 16 hour days, five days in a row are very tiring. Even though I did some work on Saturday and will call two clients tomorrow at least I'm at home and I'm resting....sort of...I have an appt. at 9am with a seamstress to look at my wedding dress pattern. I'm thankful I have my GPS to help me find the store. hehe!

This is pinkpancakes signing off...


Gina said...

I know what you mean about vintage clothes! (although I DO love me some jeans and ts) There is a great dress I've been eying for a month or longer that would be PERFECT for a skirt I want to make myself.

Elsa said...

I'm not really into vintage clothing, but I do buy vintage inspired outfits from time to time. I'm more interested in vintage items for my house. I love to decorate with them. I also like vintage costume jewelry --- bracelets and necklaces. And I LOVE Gouda cheese as well. Gouda, gruyere and blue cheese are a few of my favs.

The bread looks YUMMY!