Thursday, January 27, 2011

Leave Words at the Door

I took this picture in Mexico.
On the beach.
While back-packing through Mexico.

With only a back-pack.
No reservations.
No plans.
Just two pairs of clothes.
Two pairs of shoes.
A hat.
A camera.
A bikini.

And possibly a 10yr old guide book that sucked.


Elsa said...

I love this picture. I could see it hanging in my kitchen. I'm always hearing that Mexico is dangerous, was that something you were concerned about, or do you think it's exaggerated?

Kate said...

Both my ex-husband I felt like it's completely exaggerated. We knew the bad parts of town at 3am (it's kinda obvious)and we avoided border towns (El Paso/Brownsville/Juarez). Those towns aren't, in my opinion, true Mexico. Those towns are a biproduct of the war between the US and Mexico. The heart of Mexico City, Veracruz, and Pueblo were where we spent most of our time. We were welcomed into homes with open arms. It was one of the best trips ever!