Thursday, January 27, 2011



Hello all.
This is Max.
Max, this is all.
Many of my readers you know.
Many of them you don't.

For Example you do, in fact, know our mother.
But you don't know cutecooknaustin.
She's cute and a cook and requested that I talk about my family.
So I'll start with you...

There was once upon a time that I pretty much hated my brother.
I thought he took all the attention from me.
Older child issues. clearly.
Then I learned that I was older and could manipulate him and dress him up.
I was the perfect example of a loving older sister.
Then I became a teenager and we drifted apart.
I remember one occasion when I was about 16 . Max asked why I never play with him anymore.
That memory makes me very sad.

Eventually we both grew up.
And are as thick as thieves.

In fact, if there is not a single person alive that I trust more than I do my brother.

I love the memories we have together.
We had an awesome fort (thanks mom and dad) called the "Friendship Fort".

We collected onion grass to make "soups" with.
See! I was a cook even then!

We tied ribbon to tennis racks to make guitars with guitar straps.
See! He was a rock star even then!

We turned our bedroom window into a drive through and served plastic food.

We played massive amounts of 15 Dead End Drive, Chinese Checkers, and Battleship.
I cheated horribly.

He ate all the skittle colors I wouldn't.

We snarfed Okedoke Cheddar Cheese popcorn while watching Evita.

He took me to see Cold Mountain and was my date to The Anchorman.

We roller bladed around the Humanities building while Mom and Dad advised students.

One time he even tried to teach me how to look cool when I drive.
Apparently, I sit up too straight, keep my hands at 10 and 2, and listen to show tunes.

Max is just what someone named Max should be.
Always calm.
Extremely patient.
Passionate and insightful.
Laid back but with a wicked sense of humor.
He values family.
Sees beauty in places you'd never expect.

Most off all...
He's my brother.

And man can he rock...

He and Oliver could be twins...

I had to include this because I still have an evil big sister lurking inside me.
That and, he just looks so darn cute.
Such style!
(If you can't find me in 24 hours call for help He's sent hit men to take me out)

Above all I know that Max will love me no matter what.
He protects me and caters to my little weird, and I'm sure annoying, quirks.
He listens, even when I'm full of shit.
He has dealt with more of my tears than anyone.
I couldn't have ordered a better brother, best friend, or Uncle (for Little O).

I'm endlessly proud of the man that he is.
Proud to say he's my brother.
Proud to have him give me that one eye brow raised look.
Proud to laugh with him.

Thankful for the memories we have had and thankful to know that no matter what happens in life...
I always have my brother...

I'm sorry about the time I blamed you for just about everything.
the time I held your nose when you were sleeping so you'd wake up.
the time I gave you a wet willie.
the time I mixed koolaid powder with dirt and made you drink it.
all the times I dressed you up in girls clothes.
and hmm...I think I'll stop there.

love ya.

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