Thursday, January 27, 2011

Kate's Eats


I have been on this weird and slightly disturbing soup kick lately.
Now, don't get me wrong I have nothing against soup.
It's warm, cozy, delish, usually healthy, filling, and super fabby.
But I haven't been craving good soup like this one from Austin Java (who also serve a damn fine breakfast, I might add).
Oh man, now I am craving their African Peanut Soup.
Thanks a lot brain.
I'm not even craving Panera's lentil or Whole Foods lobster bisque.
Now I want a bowl of all three.

Not craving gourmet soup.

I'm craving good ole-fashioned Campbell's...

Ya know the kind that is .60 at Walmart and comes in a nasty can with a red label?
The one that the amazing Andy Warhol gave 15 minutes of fame?
The one that has a distinct flavor but isn't all that amazing?

Yep, that's what I'm craving.

I've had one everyday for the past week.
Cheap lunch indeed.
But why?
Am I missing salt in my diet?
Who knows.
But I'm already wanting more.

The smell of the soup on the stovetop reminds me of my Grammie.
She loved tomato soup.
She always had 9325704975 cans of it in her pantry.
Not kidding.
at all.
One time I cleaned out her pantry and found some cans in the back that were over ten years old.
No, I did NOT eat them.
But I had to use my super powers to get her to throw them out.
She may have been onto something there though.

Conversation between Grammie and myself:
Summer 1999:

"It's jut a little old.
it's still good. it's still good.
It's just a little explosive.
it's still good it's still good."

I turn my back and she's pulling them out of the trash.
again, no joke.

Back to my current addiction:
(soup, in case it slipped your mind)

I like to mix things into my soup.
Here are my favs:
  • tabasco. lots and lots of tabasco
  • Parmesan cheese
  • dill
  • parsley
  • lots and lots of black pepper
  • sauteed mushrooms
  • more tabasco
  • one time I tried peas- icky
  • another time I tried rice- icky
  • then I tried a piece of cheesey toast-MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!
I've never mixed all those in at once though.
That might not be so yummy.

I have compiled a list of reasons that might explain my current soup obsession.
It is as follows:
  • I work a lot and feel too lazy for lots of cooking.
  • It's been Austin cold (as I like to call it...i.e. 70 degrees today).
  • It's winter (ish).
  • I'm lazy.
  • I'm going through a must-eat-soup phase for some insane reason.
  • I'm actually nuts.




Elsa said...

I made tomato soup from scratch once and only once. It was a Rachel Ray recipe and it was disgusting. If I eat tomato soup, it is from a can. And every time I eat it, I think of my gma as well. For lunch she would only eat one of the following: tomato soup (with grilled cheese), egg salad sandwich, tuna with crackers, or (rarely) spaghetti o's. And of course, she would watch the Price is Right followed by Days of Our Lives. hehe

And your blog looks different. I was lost for a moment. haha

Kate said...

Yep! D is helping me update it and add some widgets. Phase one started last night. He went to school for computer programing.

Elsa said...

I have a computer degree too, but it isn't helping me with my blog. When D is done with your blog, send him my way to fix mine. hehehe