Thursday, January 27, 2011

5 Things

I consider myself a patient, accepting person.
Unless it comes to the following 5 things that truly, extremely, and majorly annoy me.

1) Traffic.
I HATE sitting or driving in traffic.
Granted I'd rather be driving in it than sitting in it.
But I still hate it.
The worstest part is that I spend 1/2 of my work day in the field doing what you may ask?
It makes my blood pressure rise, which makes me want a diet coke, which makes me want a snackie, which turns me into a sugar and carb loaded insane- unhappy- road rage- driver.
Not good.

2)An Unmade bed.
Is there anything worse than being stupid tired, walking into your bedroom, and remembering that when you got up that morning you were one or all of the following: asleep, dead, half dead and therefore forgot to make the bed?
I think not.
I simply love crawling into a bed with tucked in sheets.
As a bug.
In a rug.
BRB... I have to go make my bed.

3) Brushing my hair.
I have no idea why I hate doing this so much.
But I do.

4) Going to the recycling.
I know I should like doing this as it's good for the environment and all that.
But it annoys me.
I ALWAYS get hit on by the community service guys working there.
It is NOT fun to get hit on, in the "cold", on a Saturday morning when I'd rather be in my nice warm bed.
Also, since I HATE going to the recycling I put it off until the entire garage is literally stuffed full of bottles, boxes, can, etc.
This means two things:
a) it weighs a LOT
b) it stinks because I don't rinse stuff out very well

5) Cotton balls.
They give me the willies and make me cringe.
Like nails on a chalkboard.
Just thinking about them has be squirming.
Now, I've grossed myself out.

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