Thursday, November 4, 2010

le mariage

Une Noce

This is the first post in the series/months/tears/hair-pulling/mother loving drama that is wedding planning.
I hope it makes you laugh as much as it makes me scream.
Hold on for the wild ride to 10/15/2011...

Ya'll have already seen the wedding dress pattern and I'll post pics of the material for the dress soon.

I wasn't hungry the other day so I spent my lunch break at Hobby Lobby (which was really hard since Grammie loved that store and it was the first time I'd been in there since she died). I then stopped at a Goodwill and found this picnic basket which will hold the wedding favors...

Various popcorn treat bags from Pop Around the Clock...A local VI establishment...cause I'm keeping it real...and local...and popcorny...

Next we have the veil material.
Which you can't really see.
and the beads.
and the clip.

I bought the clip about 5 years ago at a vintage store in Louisville. Actually, my ex went back to the store after I said I LOVED it and bought it.
It's my something old.
Thanks Sam.
Reminds me of the journey I've been on and the path that brought me to D.
Lordy lordy, I'm corny.

Here we have 50% off Turkey Day place cards.
Did I mention that I ADORE Hobby Lobby?

I paid a dollar for all of them.
They won't be place cards when I'm finished with them though.
(insert evil laugh)

They will be stuck into pears and used as cards to label the appetizers.

My final purchase was napkins.
We wanted to do cloth but that is just unrealistic.
Ok, I wanted to do cloth.
D could care less.
Anyway, I decided paper napkins and real forks.
We don't need knives or spoons as it's appetizers only.
I'm headed to estate sales this weekend to hunt for cheap/mismatched forks.
But me likes the napkins...

And there you have Une Noce: I
Stay tuned.
This could get interesting...

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