Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Top 5 Reasons I Don't Want to Go to Work Today

1) Netflix sent me the latest disc of last season's Glee.
  • This show is corny, popular, and totally awesome. There are not words for how much I love this show. I acutally rewatch episodes, buy the soundtrack, sing along very loudly, even if my mouth is full of dinner (because I'm lame enough to watch while eating), and I DANCE. Okay, to say that I dance is an understatement. I REALLY rock out. So, Mr. Across the Street...I'm VERY VERY sorry for the dance moves that you are subjected to. But, don't blame me. It's allll Glee's fault.
2) I hate Wednesday's.
  • It's like the day that means nothing. It's hump day. (A phrase that seriously disturbs me and makes me laugh). It's just stuck there in the middle. I mean, Wednesday, come on what is your purpose in life? What DO you add to the world?? Enlighten me.
  • Driving in Austin is by far and away the most boring, awful, stupid thing ever. I know I harp on this constantly but I can't help it. I HATE, HATE, HATE, and more HATE the traffic situation going on up in the ATX area. Excuse me while I go jab my eyes out so I don't have to drive today.
4) It's starting to feel like fall. Kinda. Sorta. A little bit. (Not Really).
  • Okay, okay, it does still get up to the upper 90's around noon but in the evening and the early morning it's very fall-ish. I can use my imagination and do fall things, can't I. I've been wanting to take Little O to a pumpkin patch and ride a wagon, play with hay, and various other fall thingies.
5) It's work.
  • 'nough said.

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