Monday, October 11, 2010

Taste a Little of the Summer

This is a song that I always tried to make my Grammie listen to because...

a) I love this song
b) The narrative between the song that Greg Brown tells is hysterical
c) It reminds me of my love for a warm kitchen and my love for Grammie.

She never did listen to the whole song and this morning it made it's way into my car stereo via ipod shuffle.
I cried so hard I had to pull over.

If you have the time download the version where he tells the story about his Grandmother and Aunts. It's worth your time.

Well, let the wild winter wind bellow and blow.
I'm as warm as a July tomato.

Cho: There's peaches on the shelf, potatoes in the bin.
Supper's ready, everybody come on in.
Taste a little of the summer.
Taste a little of the summer.
Taste a little of the summer.
Grandma put it all in jars.

Well, there's a root cellar, fruit cellar, down below.
Watch your head now, and down we go.

Well, maybe you are weary and you don't give a damn.
I bet you never tasted her blackberry jam.

Oh, she got magic in her, you know what I mean.
She puts the sun and rain in with her beans.

What with the snow and the economy and everything,
I think I'll just stay down here and eat until spring.

When I go down to see Grandma, I gain a lot a weight.
With her dear hands, she gives me plate after plate.

She cans the pickles, sweet and dill,
And the songs of the whip-or-will,
And the morning dew and the evening moon,
I really gotta go down and see her soon.

'Cause the canned goods that I buy at the store
Ain't got the summer in 'em anymore.
You bet, Grandma, as sure as you're born,
I'll take some more potatoes and a thunderstorm.

I miss my Grammie.

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