Wednesday, October 13, 2010

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Portabello Mushroom Stacks
(from the signed Sarah Mclachlan cookbook from my Pops)
Thanks Pops!

I leave for a two week conference in Dallas on Monday morning bright and early. First thing I have to do is check in with the daycare Little O will be staying at. I'm none to thrilled about this as he's never been to an official daycare and he tends to get overwhelmed in large groups. That and I just really like "Cede-Cedes". But I have no choice so that's what we shall no. Two weeks in a Holiday Inn with him is going to be very interesting.

Anyway, on my last grocery store run I forgot that a)I'd be gone for two weeks which means D will be eating junk food and/or starving the entire time I'm gone. So why I bought a huge amount of produce is beyond me. b) My garden has taken on a mind of it's own and is producing like it's on steriods. no joke. The goal in the next few days is to make dishes that use as much fresh produce as possible.

Here goes...

First, go to the garden.
Step over sleeping kitty kitty who wakes and then hides thinking that monster child is in the area.
Also step over a soccer ball and a plastic shovel.
Pick two tomatoes.
Pluck some oregano from the MASSIVE plant, some basil, rosemary, and thyme.
Step back over soccer ball and plastic shovel cause you're too lazy to pick them up.

Pull portabello out of the brown sack you keep them in.
We all know NEVER wash mushrooms or store them in plastic.
trim them up so they look yummy.
Watch small monster turn on the oven light for the 4897534857 time.

Turn off oven light for the 3984958034 time.
Combine in a nice bowl some parmesan cheese, and egg or two, s&p, and if you feel like it some cream or milk. I also added some paprika and garlic powder.
Cause I was feeling spicy.
It's how I roll.

Dip portabellos in the eggie mixture and roll in breadcrumbs.
I ALWAYS food process croutons in place of breadcrumbs.
Me loves the flavor.
I think I'm starting to talk like cookie monster.
send help.
Listen to the potty flush followed by an "uh-oh".
Pray that it's that stupid scary lizard that got flushed and not your earrings.

Saute in butter/EVOO...
  • garlic cloves
  • onion
  • hot pepper
  • toss in some spinach at the end.
Wash some dishes.
It's best to be on top of your game.
One of the lessons imparted by my mother.
Start thinking about a glass of wine.
Another valuable lesson learned from my mother.

Lastly, begin stacking.
  • one cooked portabello (you can pan fry or bake- you choose I'm too busy to make such decisions for you).
  • a pretty layer of baked tomatoes (again you choose to bake or not to bake...that is the question).
  • a tasty layer of spinach/pepper/onion/garlic hot mess
  • shredded mozz
  • thinly sliced fresh basil
Heat it up!

Oh the smell....

Finishing touch:
A drizzle of EVOO over the top and a small monster between your legs saying "uppies momma".

Now for that wine...

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