Monday, October 11, 2010

Where the Magic Happens

This is where the magic happens...

The garden.

It's my second favorite part of the house.
My most favorite is my burnt orange/Mexican/fall-ish spare/spare bathroom.
Spare/Spare because it's the most useless room in the house.
It's located directly next to the master bath/bedroom.
And the kitchen.
So, imagine bathroom next to bathroom.
Brilliant design.

Anyway, my favorite spare/spare bathroom is currently D's tool storage room.
No one gets to see a picture of that.

It's not pretty.
Very well organized.
Just not pretty.

P.S. See that lovely looking smallish oregano plant below?
It's now about 48369869385739487 times bigger than that now.
If anyone in the world wants me to dry and send them some oregano.
I have it coming out my ears.
I do.
Well, okay. Not that seriously.
But, I'll still send you some.
Cause I'm nice like that.
Did I mention I have a great deal of oregano?
Cause I do.

Here is my watermelon plant that has become a monster.
And a MASSIVE grape tomato plant.
The plant is so big that it's actually become threatening.
If I go out to le jardin and never return I was most certainly eaten by it.
Send help.

A wonderful thing about Texas (at least Southern/Eastern Texas) is that the growing season is about 10 months long.
There are times in January, February, and March that I'll need to cover the plants with "bankies" (in the words of little O but for the most part I can grown year round.
My squash, eggplant, green pepper, jalapeno, banana pepper, cherry tomato, zucchini, pumpkin, and all my herbs are doing stellar.
So, yesterday on a whim I bought another tomato plant, some lettuce, cabbage, and dill...
I do usually start from seeds because it makes me feel more farmer-ish but the sight of those lovely plants at Lowes while D spent 9345720947540967 years looking at paint won me over.

This is now tonights project.
That is after I make herbed flank steak with roasted poblano relish...

I leave for a two week training in Dallas next Monday morning so I will be starting to make some ready to heat casseroles/frozen dishes for D to eat while I'm gone.
Otherwise he will literally eat chips and salsa and frozen pizza the whole two weeks.
No joke.
He will.
Tonight I'm freezing a zucchini lasagna.
Yum-o says I!

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Amber said...

WISH I could get an herb garden to grow like that. I am no gardener, though I would love to be. I try, yearly actually, but it never seems to work. I am thinking of starting a hay bale garden.

Hubby planted a tomato plant this year in front of our deck. It started out as a little 2 inch plant; it was cute. Now it is a mass that has taken over half the front of my deck, came onto my deck, had to be tied back so we could walk on the deck, and only produced about four edible tomatoes. Crazy. I should take a picture of it.