Thursday, October 14, 2010

A Random Thursday Post

Welcome to Thursday.

Dinner tonight was corned beef and cabbage for D and a cabbage wedge with blue cheese for me.
Ever since having Little O I can't eat cooked cabbage. It's hard enough to cook it if ya get my drift but I do love me some blue cheese.
So, correction I had blue cheese with some sour cream/milk dressing and a sprinkling of raw cabbage and tomatoes. hehe!

This evening I realized that my T-day stock is running dangerously low! Thank goodness it's nearly T-day again so I can re-stock. Did I mention I have a HUGE issue with canned stock? Cause I do.
So, I chopped up some leftover leek stalks from dinner, a wedge of cabbage, a carrot, two or three (okay, four) hot peppers, a potatoe, parsley, aaaand s&p.
Damn it, the toilet just flushed and again.

I'm back.

He likes the whirling me thinks.
Weird kid.

Stock Phase 1:

Then I decided I should chop up the cayenne peppers that have been drying in my "herb space". It's basically just this shelf with hooks that I think were meant for pot and pans that Sam bought years and years ago (we're talking btown days here peeps) but it's perfect for herb, pepper, veggie drying.

I took the thread out of and the
stems off of the peppers...

And put them in a bowl...

Small break for sweeping the kitchen, folding some laundry, and checking the stock.
I so wish you could smell this!

Back to the cayenne peppers.
Squash them in a food processor.
Listen to Little O say "OH WOW!" to the sound of the food processor.
Chuckle because he isn't scared of the food processor but he is scared of the vacuum.
Maybe that's a sign I need to vacuum more and cook less.
Let me think about that.
end of discussion.

The broth is bubbling away.
Smelling delicious.
Ready to be cooled off.
Little O has thrown himself on the floor because D has said the "N" word after two sparklers.
Or in Oliverism..."sparskles".
Time to cool the broth.
Pour wine.
Freeze some broth.
Some in Fridge.

Drink wine while D gives into one more "sparskle".
Watch Fiddler on the Roof cause I miss my Grammie.

Listen to Little O say "COOOOOOooooOOOOL Fiiiiire" as D
gives into another "sparskle"...

Serve the man dinner...
Corned beef and cabbage...
(gag me)

And I leave you with my 2nd favorite part of the day...
Little O is obviously my 1st.
My wedding dress pattern!
Now to find fabric!


Casondra said...

LOVE it!!! That pattern is SO you!!!

Bre calls sparkles....Spark-a-lese. Lol

Amber said...

That post was SO great! Love the randomness, yet all togetherness of it.

And that dress pattern, reminds me of my Grandmas house. She had them laying EVERYWHERE.