Friday, October 15, 2010

My Momma

A Girl Needs Her Momma

This is my mom. She is beautiful, funny, brilliant, the reason I love to cook, garden, create, write, laugh, and love fashion. She is a brilliant writer and often doesn't even recognize it. She takes care of the boys in the family (all three of them mind you and most of the band on top of that). She's ALWAYS there for me. No matter what. True, I've let her down and mad her REALLY mad but she's still there. No matter what. She has strong faith and a sense of community. She cherishes family, has built a strong home (not literally-although I wouldn't be surprised if she did), she has led by example and proven to me the importance of being yourself. She's also very opinionated and never, ever would be caught dead in a Christmas sweatshirt or, GOD FORBID, a blue jean jumper.

She does have incredible style. People constantly ask where I became me (in terms of my weird, I prefer cool, style of dress) and it's ALL my mom (with a nice dose of Dad.). She can create the coolest outfits and appreciates the strange.

She understands the importance of imperfection and that each flaw is a gem on it's on.

She hates the gap in her teeth.
I love it.
She takes FOREVER to get ready to go anywhere.
I hate it.
She is my best friend.

These are the two most incredible people I've ever met. I'm sure they remember a time (that may have included the word teenager) when I disagreed. But, I'm happy to say I was wrong.

They are awesome.
They fight for what they believe in.
They inspire creativity.
They taught me how to parent Little O.
They love each other beyond belief.
They make me laugh till nacho cheese comes out my nose (true story).
They make fun of me when I need making fun of (most of the time).

Above all...
They are true to themselves.

Do you think she could love him anymore?
I think not.

"Do you see Papa"?

Here is the wonderful, adorable 4 foot woman I have to thank for creating my Momma...

Yesterday at work a lady said she saw a picture of my Mom on FB and saw my future.

I'll take that!

She used to sing "I've been workin on the railroad" to me.
Now she sings it to Little O...

(She also steals my clothes (see below skirt).

What is a blog about my Mom without a picture of us at Lakeside???
Every summer I have fun with those two crazy sisters and often laugh till I pee.
There's the car on the cable incident.
The taped shower head incident.
The Kate hits herself in the head with the fridge door incident.

I could go on.
but I won't.
Cause it gets more silly.

I love her.

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Amber said...

I'm so glad that you have a great relationship with your Mom (and Dad). I only hope that my children and I can have that type of relationship as they get older, cause Lord knows my mom and I don't.