Friday, October 22, 2010


The many adventures of Kate and Little O in Dallas, TX...

Seminars are never fun.
Not that I think they're designed to be fun.
So this is how I passed the time.
and burned all that extra energy I have.

Extra energy.
Good joke Kate.

We started the two week seminar with a lovely caterpillar...
I named him Johnny.

My flower shows off my playdough skills slightly better than Johnny did...

Lunch time was approaching.
I had pizza on my mind.
Oddly enough, my lunch of pizza actually did taste a tad like playdough.

I felt like making a sea creature.
Not sure what he is.
I named him Sue.
It'll make him tough.

And more flowers.
This time in a pot.
Now my fingers are red.
Possibly forever.
That may be hard to explain.

It must have been the end of a long day.
I had mushrooms on my mind.
Clearly at this point I'd gone a tad looney.

I seem to back on an Italian food kick.
Mmm...spaghetti and meatballs...
Although it looks a little more like worms and red balls of playdough.
At least Little O agrees with me.

I ended the training with a jellyfish...
This may be sign that I've been dreaming of a trip to the ocean.
Or that I'm incapable of making anything complicated.
I must've failed playdough 101 in pre-school.

or it could be a sign that my boss should pay for me to take a trip to see an octopus.
I like that plan best.
Yes, indeedy...
Although, I hope the octopus doesn't actually look like this.

It's nice to be back in Austin.
Where my weirdness is less weird.
It's all relative I say.