Saturday, October 30, 2010

Dallas, oh Dalllas...

Otherwise known as the longest two weeks of my life....

Part 1

Due to the bad far outweighing the good on this trip I shall be posting only stories about the good times.

Summarizing the bad:
  • hotel room with a 2yo for two weeks
  • not such a great daycare
  • peeling a screaming child off of me every morning at 6am
  • sitting in training all day
  • no travel money for food/expenses (i.e. mac and cheese and ramen..ugh)
D arrived late on Friday (thank you sweet Jesus).
Saturday morning we had fun at a Goodwill (he bought speakers and I got a REALLY cool hat and cauldron).

Then headed over to the Children's Museum.
The special display was Sinosaurs so we HAD a TON of fun.

Sunday brought even more fun as we headed to Arbourteum Pumpkin Patch.
It was terribly corny, overpriced, and the city folks idea of a pumpkin patch but O had a blast.

They had these little wooden playhouses that O had a joy running in and out and up and down in...

Yes, I climbed up into the tree house in heels.
I rock that way.
I also carried juice, Buzz, Woody, and Jessie.

Little O needed a "sleepie" in the bunkhouse with Woody...

I added this one just cause I love my Little O.
He made all the nastiness of Dallas just about a million times better.

That is until the sweet little O threw Woody into the water fountain.
Guess who kicked off her heels and climbed in?
Good guess.

I love the look on the couples face behind us.


Anyone that knows me understands and has come to terms with my pumpkin obsession.
It's a problem I'm dealing with.
Cause they are just so fun.
and cute.
and fun.
and orange.
and yellow.
and blue.
and orange.
and I love them.

Daddy and O with Woody chillin on a pumpkin...

Time for a snack break in the maze.
The idea of walking through the maze was beyond him.
I see this as a sign of intelligence.

I mean, what IS the point?
Why not just walk over the hay?
We aren't mice.
Although I've seen otherwise at times.

So, let's just sit and eat while these other kids run around like crazy-mc crazies...

Decided that this pumpkin was a good sittin chair...

It also seems to double as an awesome slide.
We then spent the next 20 minutes sliding down pumpkins.

The rest of the day kinda went downhill from here.
Attempted to eat out without the portable DVD player.
We ended up boxing it and eating in the hotel room.
Lesson learned.

Next up...

Part 2:

The Children's Museum and the busted radiator/huge power wheels car in D's small sports car incident.

Yes, this is my life.
Deal with it.
And laugh at me.

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