Monday, April 30, 2012

Oliver play and the murderous rye seed incident.

As the days have passed I feel that one of the hardest parts of our situation is me. myself. my troubled brain. my frustration. my worry.

Oliver plays, Oliver plays. It's this Momma that sees the burden.

My two latest concerns (and no, I will not be getting into the HOURS, literally, spent on the phone with insurance, doctors, etc) are his new form of play and his teeth. Yep, I said teeth. Between D and I we say "stop grinding" about 995849085 billion times a day.

Yesterday, while D ran errands I relented and let O bring the block basket downstairs. Once we put together the wooden train tracks, he spent about 30 minutes organizing all the blocks into individual piles of the same shape blocks, when that was done he went through his toy box, removed all the plastic tools and placed them on the workbench, next he headed upstairs. About 10 minutes later I headed up to make sure he hadn't climbed into the washer or decided to fly out a window.
This is what I found...

His play is very distracted and messy. He sees one thing that needs to be done.
One task to complete. Very literal.

On to the funny moment of my morning...

The Monster insisted on watching "Rick Steves Europe" on "da create tb" this morning. Sometimes I am allowed to sit with him but other times I am told to "get outta here" or "go do da cookin". So, as I mourned the fact that I am only allowed to listen about the wines of Tuscany Italy I warmed up a pumpernickle rye bagel and set out to do a little online reading about the ladybugs in my garden. It was somewhere in between bite four and five that I happened to tear off a warm piece of bagel, glance down, and see a very creepy looking bug on the edge of my thumb. After some violent hand shaking and girly screaming I realized that it was just a rye seed.
hehehe... oops.
my bad.
sorry to Mr. and Mrs. Across the Street and Crazy Next Door Neighbors far making you think I was being violently a delicious rye seed.

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Elsa said...

Mila likes to line up her ducks. I guess she wants to keep her ducks in a row! haha! No, really, she does line them up though. Every holiday I buy her a rubber ducky to add to her collection, I've done it since she was born so she has a ton of them. Anyway, I'm having a giveaway on my blog this week. I would love for you to stop by and enter. :)