Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Adventures in Boring Pics: Day 1

I, as usual, planted a stupidly large amount of onions.
I do this every year.
I don't just plant onions, I plant leeks, chives, green onions, and big yellow onions because apparently I think that all we need to eat are onions.
So anywhooo, I pulled a very pretty one to take into my co-worker/partner in crime tomorrow.
He will very happy and a gog and a gast.

Then The Monster spied the "papa camera. take a smile. who's dat guy pwicture" and started hamming it up.
Notice he is naked. His new favorite state of dress.
Also notice that his hair looks normal.
That is because this is about5 minutes BEFORE I found him in my bathroom "going da hair mommy".
I've decided not to cut the other side and just let him rock the classic "I am 3yo and I cut my own hair look".

He kept closing his eyes for "take a smwile mommy"...


Elsa said...

Wow he has long hair...I guess this makes the missing piece more obvious.hehe

Anonymous said...

OMG Monster is SO freakin' cute! :) I think every kid cuts their hair. I think I cut one of my pigtails off one time!

And mmmm...onions are delish. I can just eat a bowl of (homemade) sauteed onions, so yeah, your garden rocks!

Anonymous said...

Your son is so beautiful! My son cut his hair when he was 4, literally minutes before I had to take him to preschool. No more bangs- 1/8" hair left on top of his head. (Haircuts have always been a difficult thing for him to tolerate, unless he's doing the cutting).

His favorite state of being used to be naked. These days it's wearing a shirt and underwear only. The moment he comes inside, jacket, shoes, socks and pants come right off.