Thursday, December 15, 2011

A Friend Inspired

My goody good, wonderful friend, twin-in-another-life, is having the same Christmas issues I am having (que Cindy Loo Who singing "Where are You Christmas") and as I read her blog I teared up. She listed a few things that she loves about the Holiday season so I thought I'd copy her in hopes of rallying up some holiday cheer.

Favorite Christmas Cookie:

This is easy peasy.
Hands down-my Daddy's Spritz.
I have since mastered the recipe but they still just don't taste like the ones Pops makes.
We only made them at Christmas.
It involves a lot of butter, sprinkles, and my Mom to handle the clean up.


This one was a little harder for me (because I tend to love all things holiday).


I do indeed love me some Amy Grant Christmas, thank you Elsa's Mom for agreeing with me, but I also induldge in a little Celine Dion (please DON'T TELL ANYONE). On the whole I mostly listen to Bing, and random songs from my childhood. It amazes me how very much ones childhood influences the holidays (meaning the memories, smells, and traditions are the they good or bad).


In no particular order the following movies must be watched at least 49570367 times each holiday season.
The Grinch (the new one).
Holiday Inn (with Bing and Fred)
White Christmas (Bing and classic)
The Snowman
Planes, Trains, and Automobiles
Meet Me in St. Louis
Uncle Buck
Home Alone
Love Actually (be quiet. I love this movie. corny, I know but just shush)
and most importantly...

The Muppets Christmas Carol.

I literally know every. single. line. The sad part of this movie is that it makes me miss kunckle Max soooo much and it also makes me want to be 10 again.

live tree the weekend following T-day
Home Alone while decorating said live tree
Spritz cookies on the same plate I used to leave for Santa
Family gifts on the Eve and Santa at 4 am on the Day
chez mix and shrimp cocktail at Grammies

And one tradition that the Monster isn't old enough for yet: Mom would let us open just ONE wrapped gift before Christmas Eve Mass (we opened the rest after church). I ALWAYS, ALWAYS chose the one from my Uncle Chris. He's as artist and you can find him here. He gave the most awesome gifts. Funny thing is that I don't think he even knew. When the Monster is big enough he too, will get one gift before Mass.

The other tradition, which Little O will never celebrate, is that of Dad pulling the sled down the middle of Main St. in the middle of the night of a big snow fall. Sorry O, we ain't got no snow down here in the deep South.


I like the big ole vintage looking lights on the tree but outside on the house I like the big ole vintage lights in clear only. I love red lights too.

Outside Decor:

I like white lighting, very simple and lots of pine and ivy. All natural.


I already managed to blog what I want for Christmas but I added an address book and my job.
I really, really want to keep my job. I love my coworkers, my boss, and my clients.
I want this job and I'd feel stupid losing it over a speeding ticket.
So... Dear Santa, tell the Judge that I was a good girl this year and to please not give me a bag of coal but rather give me an appeal on the ticket. Much Love, Kate


I've never had a fake tree.
Not ever in my whole life.
Nor will I ever.
I only use one strand of lights and my awesome antique tree skirt.
Minimal ornaments that all have meaning and a story.


Ah, food.
Christmas is a time to eat with family.
If Grammie were still alive we'd have Maria's spaghetti, New York strip steaks, twice baked potatoes, italian salad, key lime pie, shrimp cocktail, and chex mix.
but she is gone.

I've continued the tradition of shrimp cocktail and chex mix but I suppose from here on out I must make my own traditions.

Miss you Grammie.

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