Saturday, September 3, 2011

Takin out the Trash

I was attempting to take out the trash...

The Monster thought I was going to throw away Jorge the Space Bear.
With just cause as I lost Jorge #1 at the beach. Although Little O just thinks he took a holiday back into space. Yes, I lied to my child. I am a terrible parent.

Little O: "Mommy, don't fro away da Jorge in da twash".
Mommy: "I'm not. Jorge is our fwiend, I mean friend".

Little O: "Mommy! Stwop it! Is MY Jorge"
Mommy: " Ok, don't worry pumpkin I love Jorge too but I reeally want to take the trash out."
Little O: "Is disgustin"
Mommy: "Yeah, kinda icky. Move please."
Mommy's brain thingies going on inside her brain: "tantrum on the way".

Boy did I call that!

At this point I am experiencing:
1) fake sobbing as if I am fake murdering him
2) Monster checking to see if I am watching (which I am as I am giggling and taking pictures)
3) The smell of the stupid trash that I am trying to take out and am now cursing/giggling at for causing this massive meltdown.

Operation take out the trash=epic fail.

This is how we ended up...

I then said the magic words.

Mommy: "Oliver want to go outsides and then have chicken nuggets?"

(yes, my child eats chicken nuggets for breakfast. It is pretty much all he will eat these days. I am so no even kidding. Ask D. He will vouch for me.)

Little O: "Okay Mommy! Wets go to have the fun"!

Saturday Morning Tantrum Complete


Katie @ Loves of Life said...

OHhh yay, I have tantrums to look forward to? :)

Mommy R. said...

my 20 month old has a tantrum every morning!! lol

Elsa's Cooking Diary said...

It's weird, but Mimi doesn't have a favorite toy or blanket. She clings to me, so I guess I am the favorite toy. hehe But really, she will play with something for a long time or want to haul it in the car for a while, but nothing that she can't live without or that she's loved for months and months.

Elsa's Cooking Diary said...

And for breakfast, she will eat cold cereal (granola that I make with milk added), oatmeal with some sugar and milk (or cream of wheat), and quinoa with milk and sugar. Other than cereal, she adores pancakes and crepes. So..... pretty much anything with sugar. :)

She's had a huge appetite lately, which is unusual for her. She now eats breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner and dessert. (no veggies though, I have to give those to her in smoothie form) And she LOVES meat.

KSK said...

Oh goodness! Crisis averted! :)
*Note to self: Use chicken nuggets as a secret weapon... :)
My LB has a piggy that she loves -- and I'm trying to stock up.. I think the company stopped making them :( I tracked one down-- and ordered it about a month ago... still no sign. sigh!

Marina said...

Great secret weapon! :) And he is the cutest..