Thursday, September 1, 2011


This actually happened last night.

Me: "D! Josh Ritter is going to be on Jimmy Kimmel tonight! I have to call Max and tell him".
d: "ok"

ring ring ring....

Me: "What's up? Jimmy Kimmel is having Josh Ritter on his show tonight.
Brother: "Er, who???"
Me: "Ritter. Josh Ritter. Ya know, we saw him together several times, you have his song book, he has your cd. I want to marry him and will have to kill Kelsie in order to do so???"
Brother: "Should I know this person? Is it an actor or a famous person or something?"
Me: "Really? Stop joking. Ritter. Josh Ritter".
Brother: "Should I know this person? Are you drunk?"
Me: "giggle, No. Ritter. Max. Josh Ritter! We saw him in INDY."

At this point I am beginning to think that my little brother is on some messed up drugs.

Brother: " I think you have me confused with someone else".

At this point I look at my phone.

Guess what?

I dialed my friend Mat, not Max.
brilliant Kate. brilliant.

After much hysterical laughter I call my actual brother....

Me: " I am a dork".
Max: " I already know this".
Me: "Josh Ritter is on Jimmey Kimmel tonight".
Max: " I already know this".
Me: "I am getting married a like a month".
Max: " I already know this".
Me: "Ok, just checkin to make sure I was actually talking to my brother this time. "

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Just Jinny said...

OMG..that is hilarious. I would have been laughing so hard I couldn't even talk.

I guess Mat and Max sound alike.