Thursday, August 4, 2011

When We Care

When we care for others...

We say things to make them smile.
We help friends of friends.
We worry about them late at night when we can't sleep.
We bake pies, casseroles, and cookies.
We send cards.
We babysit.
We love.

(geez, I am corny).

But this did bring tears to my eyes...
So please, if you have a few seconds between caring for everyone that you love help this couple...

(told ya I am corny)...

Here’s Andrea’s Entry Submission:

In 2009 I was diagnosed with myelodysplastic syndrome and was told I would need a bone marrow transplant. I moved to Seattle for the best care. Brian dropped everything to move with me. Even with little sleep from working all night, he would come to the hospital to sit with me until he had to go to work again. He shaved his head when I lost my hair from chemotherapy. He tells me everyday that I’m his princess. He has faced my trials with me, and still finds the energy to pamper me. He makes me feel like royalty.

We all have a hopeless romantic on the inside some where, so go vote! They are currently in the top 5, so let’s see if we cant get them up to 1st! Vote everyday! Now through Aug 11th!

I proudly present...Brian and Andrea...

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Harris Family said...

I just cried like a baby. OMG.