Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Nose Piercing

Random things happen when I am bored, stressed, frustrated, need a change of scenery, or er...bored or restless or feeling random.

a) I dye my hair
b) I cut my hair
c) I get a piercing
d) I paint my toes
e) I rearrange my house

The other day C happened...

I'd seen in a fashion magazine a long time ago a picture of a girl with both sides of her nose pierced. Thought it looked interesting but never did it until the other day. (read: K8 had a wild hair and a spare 1/2 hour).
D isn't sure how he feels about it yet. Remember that he is Mr. Normal (not that i mind that) so his initial response was "no one does that". My reply was..."er I don't care".
I even got matching emerald studs to go with my wedding dress.
Hehe, I am such a dork....

In other news at 3 Forks Ranch it is still 145876 million degrees. It's so hot that we may, in fact, break the all time record from like 1898. No joke.
This means 5 things...

1) We eat only cold items.
2) I have ZERO tomatoes :(
3) I am so stupidly tan that my Irish ancestors would shun me.
4) I may actually go bankrupt (or insane) when I see my electric bill.
5) Little O now REFUSES to play outside.

It. is. that. hot.


Elsa said...

I'm sure your wedding planning is keeping you busy. But find time for cobbler!! :) So what are your plans after the wedding? Same ol' same ol' or are you going back to school, moving, etc?

And it's actually COOL here. Ali joked that he needed a blanket. :) Oh yes, and our tomatoes are gone too.

Kate said...

Thinking about school but I like the job for now. Hoping that I can still work part time and get my masters in public health. Secretly hoping to start my own business. No moving until after I male D take me on a honeymoon overseas. hehehe

Darn you and your cool weather. darn you.

Elsa said...

If I get a masters it will be in public health (please Lord, say I never had to). My two options were history and health and I chose history... and I hated it. Hated. It. The other just matches my BA better. What I really love is cooking though, and being with my family (and hopefully expanding my family even more). Teenage Elsa would have hung her head in shame, but I love it. hehe

Harris Family said...

I've never seen it on both sides either, but I like it. Think it would look FAB with hoops!