Friday, August 12, 2011

Friday's Five Fav

Friday's are hard for me.
I am absolutely dead tired and therefore pretty much useless.
This week I feel more run down than normal.
I've had some terrible nightmares lately and have REALLY been trying to kick ass at work while still doing the Mom/wife stuff.
Let's not mention that the wedding is 11 weeks away.
Oh my.

So, I thought I'd participate in the Friday's 5 Fav...

1) My Monster's Eyes:
He has the biggest, bluest eyes ever.
They speak of pure innocence and whenever I look into them I can't think of anything other than the amazing overwhelming feeling of safety and love.
Not to mention and even bigger desire to keep that innocence in those eyes.

I love when the blue gets bluer when he sees me and cries out "Mommy".
I love when they get as big as saucers when he sees a choo-choo, hears a plane, or we pass the fire station and the big red engines.
I love when they well up with tears just before a tantrum and he looks up to check if I am paying attention to the pending drama.
I even love when those eyes are closed and the now massive weight of his once tiny body is sweating on me.

Baby Monster Eyes:

Big Boy Monster Eyes:

2) New Music.
I love finding a new muscian or a new CD.
I recently heard Ashton Shepherd's latest album and I REALLY love it. Word of is super country and full of twang. I adore it. Ping on itunes then suggested that I listen to someone named Margaret Durante. She's fairly new (also very country) but I really like her. I call this guilty pleasure music. It is fun to crank up as I am flying over the back road hills after a seriously long day at work. I feel 17 again and, even if it's just for a minute, I am simply Kate.

3) My Nikon.
This could be on my favorite list every Friday. I love that trusty Nikon. I have a D100 that was once my Pops. He handed it on to me when he saw I enjoyed photography. I still have a TON of things to learn but I am honored that my Dad thinks I have some talent. Even more honored that he gives advice and listens to my numerous (read: 6 million) questions. I, like many of my blog friends, have more pictures of our children than anyone can even believe. But every single time I capture that perfect expression in his big, blue Monster eyes it is so worth it.

4) Snail Mail
I still thinking getting snail mail is fun. I mean the suspense of what might be in that mailbox gets the better of me everyday. My Grammie passed away just two days before my birthday and when I got home from the funeral there was a letter from her in the mail. I never cashed the birthday check (obviously) but I still think that I'll see one of her lavender or pink envelopes addressed to me in her swirly cursive. Corny, I know, but the anticipation that there just may be a letter from her in there somehow makes opening the bills a teeny bit better.
I even love the junk mail. Sometimes I open the stupid credit card offers just so I can open it.
I am such a dork.

5) Night time pitter patter
I love that sound of the turn of the door knob, the creak of the Monster's door opening and the groggy pitter patter of his feet. First he drops off his pillow and bankie. Then runs back for Jorge, Buzz, and Superhero. Lastly, he climbs up the side of the king bed (this involves some grunting and "ugh" when he finally makes it), curls up into the side of me, and within one hour manages to take over 99% of the bed.
I love the drool.
I love the 90% rotation.
I love when he is completely asleep but pets my hair to ensure that I'm there.
I love that I don't get any sleep.
I love being Mom...not just on Friday's...I love it everyday.


nikkipolani said...

Wonderful faves, Kate. From your son's beautiful eyes to his sneaking into your room. It's great that you can talk photography with your Dad.

Bobbi said...

Looking at that baby picture made me realize that I don't think I've seen Oliver since he was that little! And yet he feels familiar when I look at his more recent snapshots... strange. Actually, that baby pic reminded me of Luke a little bit. It's the smirk, perhaps.

I used to love to find new music when I was in high school. It was basically a hobby. You're making me reminisce. Thank you.

Elsa said...

I like the super country songs (sometimes). On the way to work I always play this super old country station. They play Hank Williams, Roy Rogers, Patsy Cline, Merle Haggard, Johnny Cash (of course), Tex Ritter.... Dolly Parton..... love it.

And I get the same feeling from my baby girls huge brown eyes. :) I also take 3 million photos of her a day.

Our Village is a Little Different said...

He's such a beautiful boy. What amazing eyes! I'd never be able to deny him a thing!
I hope you're enjoying a little downtime this weekend, listening to some great new music and taking some pictures with your camera. My Dad always marveled at how I captured people with photos. If I may offer some advice -make sure you and your Dad get people to take photos of you together! My father and I were always the ones taking the pictures, and when he died, there were so few pictures of us together. I cried an extra thousand tears because of that.
Snail mail is the best. I love sending it, too. It always cheers and surprises people. My boys have penpals, and stalk the mailman in hopes of a letter!


Harris Family said...

Love love love this post. It's amazing how their little faces melt your heart all the time :)

Elaine A. said...

You sure do have a couple of cuties! I love motherhood moments like you mentioned here... so sweet!

Thanks so much for linking up!


Galit Breen said...

I adore the gratitude for the good stuff!

It's just that, isn't it? Good.

And those eyes? Oh my!

Kirsten said...

I puffy heart snail mail...especially when it's not an ad or a bill. I try to send letters periodically because there is nothing like opening a handwritten letter. Great list!