Tuesday, August 23, 2011


I have entered the home stretch for Operation: "Gettin Married Indiana Style" (minus the shot gun aspect). There will be no baby bumps (other than Jas's and Elsa's) at my wedding.
Thank you Jesus (text message)
(inside work joke)

Ok, so the point of the above rambling statement is that I am having some stupendously odd dreams.
Like for real. They are so intense that I often wake thinking that I am in jail cause I got pulled over for speeding while driving to Indiana and missed my wedding.
I even got up one evening after falling asleep to "cinderwella" (we're working on our L's and W's...correction the Monster is working on his L's and W's...mine seem fine.) at 7:30pm, thought I was late for a dress fitting (which was the next morning at 7:30am) and took a shower. I then realized that I actually needed to make dinner, fold some damn laundry, and I'd now showered twice in one day.
I've called my Mom nearly 576548967 times regarding tables/making hummus/buying flowers/hotel rooms/why-the hell-am-I-not-eloping-to-an awesome-beach-in-Spain???

The dreams are getting progressivley odd.
Last night my Aunt spent the entire wedding ceremony sewing beads onto a dress.
The night before I kept licking down my brothers cowlick.

Can you say... "K8 has lost it???"

I need my own reality TV show. For reals.

Ok, so the hair isn't right (as it is currently jet black and nearly to my waist) but there is NO better picture to describe the bridezilla that is blossoming within the depths of k8.
Remind me smile and not kill people on my actual wedding day.
That is only if I am not drinking a margarita, alone, on a beach in Bora Bora.

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