Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Working Mommy

I realized today as I stood in the lab talking to the Lab Gang that I only ever stop to talk to them if a) I need lab reports/results/help/chocolate from their secret stash or b) to talk about Little O.

This got me thinking. (A dangerous past time, I know)

How annoying is it to work with a Mom that thinks (and therefore talks) about her child all the time? I am sure not ALL Mom's have this affliction but many of us do. Most likely the cause of thinking about our children constantly. Then I began to wonder if Dad's do the same? Do they?
I know D doesn't but then he doesn't talk at all ever. So that doesn't count.

Where is the line of appropriate kidage in the office?
I am sure I have crossed it.
I hope I have kept the level of annoying to a minimum.

Throughout the writing of this blog the following things have occurred:

The Monster have turned the ceiling fan to level 4: hurricane force strength high 7 times.
He has brought me 4 forks for "da eating".
I have diced and marinated 2 massive freezer ziploc bags of veggies for camping this weekend.
I have had one glass of wine.
The Monster found a cracker underneath my desk that is likely about 2 months old. ate it.
I talked to 3 clients and never mentioned being a Mom.
The Monster opened the fridge and ate ketchup.
I poked myself in the eye with mascara.
I ate some really good cheddar cheese.
The Monster told me "fing one is icky" (read: I threw thing one (the name of two matching toys we have) into the pool and then into the dirt and now I want it cleaned).

"Oh Momma...stop twalking bout me all da twime...."


Elsa said...

Oh no.... not..... a Beauty and the Beast reference. I've been thinking of Halloween costumes for the 2 kids (if the other arrives before Halloween) --- Princess Belle and Lumiere. Or maybe Dora and Boots. hehehe

Kate said...

I knew you'd be the one to get that reference. hehehehe