Sunday, July 24, 2011

Top Five on a Random Sunday.

This morning I decided that after Mass I'd drop off the recycling, the trash, and then head to work and then to the grocery. Needless to say, I was witness to some Austin wierdness that deserves a shout out...

Let's begin...

1) Dear Mr. Very Small Guy in an even smaller white car, why are you smoking a pipe circa 1945 while in traffic near a Taco Hell, Sonic Bust, and Scrubway? This in no way makes any sense.

2) Dear Very Drunk Guy at the corner of JCP and I-35, why are are wearing combat boots and camo while holding a sign asking me for a beer? This also makes no sense. You want to be camoflauged? You want a beer? I hope you enjoyed the bag of fritos that may have Monster drool on them. sorry but do try and enjoy them.

3) Dear lovely Lady at the Grocery, did you think that skin tight pleather was what anyone wanted to see at 10 am? Just throwin that out there. P.S. Ask for help if you want the cereal on the bottom shelf.

4) Dear Slightly Creepy Guy in a "Keep Austin Weird" t-Shirt outside the tattoo shop I stopped at, Yes, I am aware that I am a "hot babe" and that I would look "rad" with a tattoo on my "boob"....never mind that I was looking into a new nose piercing not a "rad boob tat".

5) Recycling Center:... as I am separating the wine bottles from the beer bottles: Guy: "Wow, that's a lot. Stressful job?" Me: "Nope. 2yo" Guy: "Been there. Done that"....lifts his box of empties..."ours is 16 now. good luck".

I love Austin.
I just do.


Mom2MemphisAndRuby said...

This made me laugh! Sounds like you had a very interesting day!
Thanks for sharing!

Mommy R. said...

i think this might be the funniest thing i have read in a long while!! :)