Saturday, July 23, 2011

Saturday Morning Scene

Saturday Morning Scene

So, I may have started my Saturday morning realizing that Little O was no longer sleeping across my shins. We were rudely awakened at about 3am by a Monster that wanted Mommy and Daddy. About an hour later (read: 4am) he had a night terror. I HATE when he gets them because, even though "they" say never to wake someone in a night terror, I always want to. Once I was able to calm him I passed right back out so I awoke from a dead sleep at 8am to the sound of my truck being locked and locked and locked.
A Monster has my keys.
I trudge downstairs and begin to sloppily make a strawberry banana smoothie for the Monster.
I turn to the sink, see this, and groooan...
If I drank coffee this would be when I wanted it.
Welcome Saturday morning...

Dishes first.
Smoothie second.
Diaper change.
Lay out everything for D's french toast breakfast.
Check my email.
Check Facebook.
Log into my blog.
Check on the Monster...

Take a shower.
Eat a piece of cheese and toast.
Bribe myself into going to work by promising self a nap later.
Clean the stove top.
Check the garden.
Try to find something to wear in 110 heat that doesn't scream hooker.
Pick up several baskets of books strewn on the floor.
Consider doing hair.
Put hair in pony-tail.
Wonder why there is a jar of peanut butter in the bathroom closet.
fold towels.
Consider dressing the Monster but it's already 95 (and I don't run the a/c).
Check on the Monster...

This blog brought to you by Despicable Me.
Thank you Pixar for allowing to be productive on a Saturday morning.


Elsa said...

Why do you not eat french toast or run the AC? Mimi has never had a night terror, so I'm not sure what that is.

Kate said...

He's totally asleep but yelling and crying. It can be scary because even if you violently shake him or yell at him he won't wake up. He has gotten them since he was about 9 months old. The DOC also told me that kids remember nightmares because they happen at a different time in the sleep cycle. Night terrors happen in the deepest part of sleep and kids have no memory of the screaming (even if you wake them).

I don't run the a/c because I hate a closed up house and because it saves money. As for french toast I used to LOVE it as a kid (only my mom's) but I really dislike sweets. French toast is just way to sweet for me. For as much as I cook, I eat the same thing for breakfast every day. toast with a piece of cheddar on the side.

KSK said...

Your monster is cute! Sorry to hear he has night terrors... :( My husband's sister had those, and my MIL has told me horror stories!

Elsa said...

Yes, I hate sweets too. Bleck! (currently sitting on the couch eating cookies and milk after a 2 hour nap.... hehe) We would die without AC. The humidity these last few weeks has been unbearable, and I love humidity. This is so much though that you can barely breath when you step outdoors. And our heat index has been 110, easily.

O is the first person I've heard of with this. Crazy... I can imagine that is stressful.

Elsa said...

How often does he have those anyway? I'm guessing this is a rare thing.

Mommy R. said...

this sounds like our usual saturday mornings! my oldest use to have night terrors! they do grow out of it thankfully!