Monday, July 18, 2011

One CRAZY Week of Wedding Planning

Wedding planning has hit critical level.
There are baskets, boxes, ribbons, hot glue guns, edging scissors, and massive amounts of wedding invites strewn all across the back bedroom.

I am scared to even let anyone see this room.
It would cause you to out me in time-out for being so messy.

But progress is being made so "yay"!

The final appetizers have been selected and I am planning a "test run" of the mini crab cakes this weekend. Yummy! It is the only appetizer recipe that I am going to try simply because the secret to the perfect crab cake is a fine tuned art and balance of flavor. Also, because D loves crab cakes and I love him. That and he listens to me yack about wedding all evening.

The veil is also now completed. I think the colors will look pretty with my red hair.
I also had my Wedding dress fitting and we added the emerald petticoat and the emerald sash.
I think it will look even better once we add the second petticoat.
(Next time I'll take my camera so I can show off my wonderful dress).

Next up I spent about 2 hours punching out confetti for the tables.
I clearly did this AFTER the Monster went to sleep and then I hid them so they can never be found. This also means I won't remember what i did with them.
I have vintage fall table clothes (mismatched obviously) so the confetti will add some color.
The corners of the wedding programs will also have the leaf punch to tie it all together.
I can tell that at this point you are so entralled and just simply can't stop reading.
So, I'll show you some more projects...

Here we have the tags which will be attached to ribbon which will then be attached to the party favors which will then be in a fall "apple pickin" basket next to a funky journal I found to use as a guest book.
Sheesh that was one heck of a run-on sentence.
The popcorn is going to be from "Pop Around the Clock".
Just thought I'd give them a little plug.
If you're in Vincennes and have a hankering for popcorn check them out.
dewishus (in the words of Little O).

My fingers are missing some skin after I spent the evening on these "vases" for centerpieces.
They will be filled with wildflowers eventually.
I was talking to Little O and not paying attention, felt some pain, looked down to find that I have glued my finger to the jar rather than the ribbon.
Hey, I never claimed to be brilliant.

This project seriously destroyed my fingers.
I thought fall colored paint chips would make cute napkin rings but the paper is pretty thick.
I thought I'd staple them but too tacky.
Rubber cement?
Too flimsy.
Hot glue gun?
peels apart in two days.
Super Duper Super Glue?

All evening I have been running back and forth to the kitchen making the bowls that will go into the hotel rooms of my guests (ya know, snacks, goody bag, water, etc, etc)...
After several mess-ups and one small fire...
I have these...
I also feel a tad loopy from the chemicals.
Ok, more than a tad loopy.

I think they are kinda cute.
And my Monster just informed that he "go to da moon".
I replied "send me postcard".
The response was "I love you too and Buzz".


Harris Family said...

You're going to make everyone else's weddings look like slung together corporate nonsense!
(and by that, I lovingly mean my own)
It's going to be gorgeous!

Kate said...

Haha, that is such a compliment! I just wanted it to be laid back and have character!