Thursday, April 14, 2011

50 Day Challenge

50 Day Challenge:
What ya Like to Eat

My love for nuts (stop laughing) started in College when I was studying for the MCAT.
I spent so much time at the library that people started sending my care packages to the library.
I am not kidding.
The ladies at the front desk delivered flowers from my Grammie to my "table" on a regular basis and my mother in-law would send little boxes of snacks that improve memory and brain thingies.
She was (is) a very cool lady.
She is very holistic and sent me a lot of nuts and almonds and oranges.
She can't eat spicy but she knew I love heat so she sent a jar of super spicy peanuts and a jar of wasabi almonds.
It was my first almond ever.
I was 21.
sad, I know.
My addiction to nuts got out of control when I was pregnant.
I craved cashews, pistachios, peanuts, almonds.
I even knew which grocery stores had which flavors.
My poor ex-husband made many a late night run for cajun cashews and rainbow sherbet.

I eat sushi at least 4 times a week for lunch.
I like to go the buffet sushi places because I can mix n' match my sushi.
I like that because as much as I truly try to eat the healthiest of rolls...
I like to have one with cream cheese. one with avocado. and one with tempura.
I figure that will balance my healthy rolls.
I love to have a bowl of egg drop, and 6 rolls...all while reading.
I also love that the 3 buffet sushi places all know me so I get some extra special treatment.
Today the manager came up and asked if I wanted anything special because I always sit so quietly in the corner and read.
I thought that was sweet.
I said "no, I greatly enjoy this 30 minutes to myself. You have no idea how much I cherish not texting, calling, clients, people, child, work."
I am content with my spider roll and corner booth.
I am currently reading about the Mitford sisters and it is quite fascinating.

The DR says to stop eating so much soup because I am losing so much weight.
but..I whine...I LOVE soup.
Tomato is my favorite and it's cheap so I can thin it out to lower the sodium content, add som tabasco and pepper, garlic powder, and basil from the garden.
My other favorites are cream of jalapeno and cream of poblano.
Thank you Texas.
If I feel like splurging I like to either make cream of carrot or I head to Whole Foods for their lobster bisque (heavenly...simply heavenly).
I also like split pea (Grammie's recipe).
and clam chowder.

When I was kid I loved croutons.
I remember how mad my Dad would get for eating them.
Guess what?
They are O and my favorite snack.
I know that sounds crazy but they are such a yummy, savory snack and since I spend so much time in the car for work, they are just perfect.
And they taste delish in soup.
I'm eating some right now.
with cheese and a glass of wine.

Oh, cheese.
How I love you.
I have never tried a cheese I don't like.
I am not kidding.
The cheese guy at Central Market always pulls me aside and says "you HAVE to try this".
That's how much cheese I eat.

My top 5 are:
extra sharp cheddar
soft goat
hard goat

I could go on with blue and brie and white cheddar and marinated feta and black pepper jack and horseradish muenster.
but I'll stop now and go cut some cheese.
stop laughing.
I hear you laughing.

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Elsa said...

Stop with the soup and sushi! Go eat a double cheeseburger, large fry and a milkshake!! Sheesh.... :)
(currently making soup..... haha)

PS: I love nuts too and I LOVE all of the cheese, but I've never had truffle cheese. And croutons rock, why can't they be snack food??