Wednesday, April 13, 2011

50 Day Challenge

50 Day Challenge:
A Picture of What You Like to Drink.
(Where they running out of 50 idea challenges???)
I mean really?

I am not even going to put Diet Coke or Diet Cherry Limeade from Sonic up here.
I have made it air apparent that I survive and function like a semi crazy person thanks to those two drinks.
I found some others that I adore and am now craving.

Hello chocolate milk.
I HATE milk.
correction. I utterly and completely despise milk.
just the thought and consistency make me start to gag
every so often I do something super odd
no judging.
I get a shot glass.
I squirt some Hershey syrup in it.
I add a hint of milk.
and I shoot it.
Yes, I need help.

Dear ice cold glass of water,
Thank you for being tall, cold, and available at 6 am.
Thank you for making my skin smooth and for being so very refreshing.
I've loved a spicy, zippy Zin since just about the first time I was allowed a sip.
I think I love wine glasses as much as I love the vino in them.
I love the feel of the curve of the glass and the spicy bite and smooth finish of the drink.
I very much want to go to California wine country for some good times and tasting.
I love the science and chemistry behind wine making.
I even read about it.
I can hear eye rolling and groaning.

hint. hint. to Alison, Max, and says "road trip"??

Thank you Sam for making me fall in love with a bloody mary.
and then for mastering the perfect bloody mary like a champ.
I have yet to get his recipe down pat.
They were awesome when i pregnant because he'd leave out the vodka and it made me feel like I was a part of the party.
I love HEAT.
So, clearly I like the spicy tomato flavor more than the vodka.
random thought: the amount of tabasco I use on a weekly basis is slightly alarming.
To this day a bloody mary reminds me of coming home from the night shift.
Yes, I worked two jobs (day shift and night shift and went to school).
It was about 7am and Sam was either a) still up from partying or b) just getting up for class and he'd make me a bloody mary then I'd fall asleep for 2 hours before I went to the next job.
Ah, to be 21 again.
Bloody mary's also remind me of Kelsie.

Dear Kelsie,
You'd better come to my wedding and toast a bloody mary with me.
Also, I still call dibs on Ritter.

Cheeseburger in Paradise.
We don't have them in Texas.
This is a tragedy.
The food pretty much blows.
I do like the sweet potato fries.
But then again, they ARE sweet potato fries.
In general, I pretty much never like chain food and am fortunate enough to live in a city where chains just don't really pop out at ya.
I mean yes, there is a McDonalds and a Crack in the Box, and a Taco Hell at every intersection but, when my friends says "let's do dinner" it has never ever been followed by "How about Applebees or Luby's or Oliver Garden or Cheesecake Factory"?
Thank you awesome friends that have refined taste and city that offers top-notch eateries.
(D thinks I am a snob. I call it "I don't eat reheated food").
I got way off track.
So just to summarize...
I hate fast food.
I love sweet potato fries.
This blog is about drinks you like.
I like the pineapple swirly strawberry drink thing from Cheeseburger.
End of story.
It is SO on the September "list of things to do in Bloomington".
Probably gonna need to drag the lovely Jasynda with me.
yep. yep.

And yes, the garnish has on sunglasses.


Harris Family said...

I hate milk too!
It's just awful!
And your right, chocolate milk is a different story.
I have a vegan friend who refers to milk as "tit juice"

Kate said...

hahahahahahahaha....tit juice!