Wednesday, March 30, 2011

50 Day Challenge

50 Day Challenge:
A Picture of Something that Always makes you Smile

Ok, so I pretty much NEVER leave work before 5pm but I always smile when I see it's 5pm.
It at least means that I'm getting close and will be greeted with "Mommy!!!!" in an hour or so.
Best part of the day.

It also means that I am just that much closer to:
a) checking my mail (hey, it's the little things)
b) opening a nice bottle of red wine
c) my pillow which is also home to my bed
d) a hot shower
e) a fire in the fire pit or some work in the garden
f) my kitchen
g) the pile of mounting laundry that needs folded that will soon swallow me whole

I Adore getting mail.
I don't even care if it's bills or email or spam for the HCG diet (ok maybe not so much there)
I just like mail.
But, my favorite is to get a new magazine or a card or even a catalog to flip through.
Today one of my amazon book orders arrived and I nearly had a nervy spaz at the mailbox.
Gee, I'm a dork.

Of course this boy makes me smile every time I see him!
Did you really think you'd get away without another picture of Little O?
Shame on you.

This is one of my favorite pictures of him.
Tubby time with Gaga and Papa.
Just under 6 million pictures were taken but this one is my favorite.
How can you not smile back?

Call me shallow and materialistic but I LOVE my ring.
Every time I see it I feel faint with joy.
It's just so perfect.
Even my Barbie's would be jealous.
Er, not that I have Barbies anymore.
I was referring to being a little girl.
You're all thinking "yeah right".
ok, ok, I may have one Barbie.
Back to my ring.
I'm a very girly girl and I have been dreaming of a big old hunk of diamond since I was could form thoughts. Just beenin honest.
It sparkles.
and it's glittery.
and it makes me feel special.
and oddly, hasn't changed the number of times I get asked out. which I find extremely disturbing.
D did a good job.
I'm glad he asked me out.
I'll just go stare at it for awhile now.

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Casondra said...

I'd stare at that ROCK all day long too! I still get all excited to see it when I catch of glimpse of it sparkling in the mirror, or in a picture of me holding Breanna, so I guess I'm just as materialistic as you. hehehe