Saturday, February 12, 2011

Kate's Eats


D's father is visiting for the weekend.

It shall, therefore, be a weekend of food!
We started last night with homemade garlic bread, lasagna (with my latest sauce creation), and the BEST angel food cake I've ever made.
Topped with whipped cream and strawberries (duh).
And yes, it's strawberry season here!
I honestly don't know how I did it.
(making the best angel food cake, I mean.
I made it so fast.
(maybe that's the trick????)

O was running around like a crazy man.
(imagine that)
D was trying to work.
(imagine that)
I was trying to cook and clean before our guests arrived.
(imagine that)

Do I see a pattern here?

So, we had a wonderful little dinner party.
Skyler helped me out with the new camera lens.
(see? I had a secret motive)
Oliver got some bubbles from Grandpa H.
(whom he just calls H for some reason)
I got to snuggle with baby Jack and talk wedding with Jessie and Brin.
Good times!

This morning came waaaay to early thanks to Little O prying open one of my eyelids saying "no sleepers now. cartoooons!"

But we made bacon.
  • it makes the house smell amazing
  • it's what you do on Saturdays
  • Grandpa H deserves it
  • and so does D
Little O helping...

He likes to help with the "flip/da/acoon"...

Don't call CPS on me.
I let my son near bacon grease.
It was either that or a full on tantrum.

"Oh No! Almost done Mommiiieee!"


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