Saturday, February 5, 2011

Kate's Eats

Chorizo Nachos

D has been on this big nacho kick lately.
So, since he works from home on Friday's and I had the day off.
Thank you snow!
I decided to make chorizo nachos.

I did make a couple field visits this afternoon since two days were lost this week due to the ice.
One of my visits was on the East side of town (near where my ex and I used to live) and there is a local butcher over there that I adore.
I stopped in just to see what he had on sale.
Surprise! Surprise! I bought something.
He makes his own chorizo.
It's not spanish chorizo which is hard and cured.
Equally delish, mind you.

No, this butcher makes Mexican chorizo.
It's so incredibly fragrant and full bodied with it's spices.
Not like that tube chorizo Hellmart sells.
(Tube meat really weirds me out btw).
I's a tube. of meat. that's wrong on oh, so many levels.

Anyway, enough about tube meat (yuck) back to those nachos.
Begin my prepping the cutting board and finally chopping
  • onion
  • green pepper
  • mushroom
  • garlic
  • and some corn on the cob
I obviously didn't dice the corn on the cob, sillies.

Take the chorizo out of the cool paper wrapping that reminds me of a 50's house wife going to the butchers.
Toss it into a pan and cook it up until it smells fragrant and cooked.
The color won't change the way ground beef does due to the massive amount of spices.
Pictures of raw meat are always a little odd to me.
Just sayin.

Make sure you drain the chorizo really really well.
It's super greasy which clearly means it's incredibly healthy.

Now toss those veggies right into the fry pan and scoop up all those brown bits.
I love those crusty brown bits.
Can you believe I used to be a vegetarian?
Yes, it's true.
I once lived without bacon and chorizo.


In a small bowl combine...
Where is Little O???
Where is D???
I get so involved in my cooking (and hopping over toys) that I seem to have misplaced my family.
Last time I checked that was a bad thing.

There he is!

In his beaver hat.
Christmas jim-jams.
Hunting vest.
Preppy shoes.

Note to self: Stop letting D dress small children.

Building our first snowman in 4 years.
And probably the last for another 4 years.
Scratch that.
HOPEFULLY our last for at least another 48540985 years.
That's better.
Ok, that was my 10 seconds outside.

Back to my kitchen.
Where it is warm.
and cozy.
and there is no snow.

Next up on the nachos...
  • leftover refried beans that need used up
  • cumin
  • and diced tomatoe

Into above bowl add the veggie mixture.
Always wise to wait till it cools a bit.
So go off and do one of the following...
Or all of the following if you are so inclined...
  • paint your toes
  • fold some laundry
  • insane kitchen dancing
  • make beds
  • sit on couch and be lazy

Hey! Quit being lazy and finish lunch!
So lay out your chips, top with chorizo...
Avoid the urge to just eat it like that.
Trust me, it only gets more delish from here.

Drizzle with melted mexican cheese...
I told you it only got better!

Top that with:
  • the last of the lettuce from the garden
  • some fresh salsa
  • a few dollops of sour cream

Holler out the door that lunch is ready and watch two boys fall all over themselves trying to get inside to that delish smell wafting from the kitchen.

O squealing "din-din" at the top of his lungs only to announce that he wants a "stucker now".
Me: "You want a sucker for lunch?"
Little O: "uh-huh. dat's right. go-go mommy".

The finished product...
It was yummy.
And we had tootsie pops for dessert...


Rebecca said...

Trying to grab one right through the computer screen. Give O his sucker and leave the rest for Gaga. I know the market of which you speak. They also sell banana Moonpies. Mostly stale ones. Oh yes, that is the charm of Moonpies. The seagulls just love them(insider family joke there).

Rebecca said...

I don't know nachos but I do know Moonpies, and I can assure you that there is nothing charming about a Moonpie that is in any state of staleness. Your teeth get slowed to a stop and you are left wondering what it is made of that you can't get your teeth through something that is meant to be eaten.

Harris Family said...

Will you pretty please move to Knoxville and just cook for me? Please???